10 Dumbest Lies of the Micro-hoo-gle-cahn Saga

Wired Writes: "Once promising to be the most-scrutinized corporate governance event in history, this Friday's meeting of Yahoo shareholders will now likely unfold in anticlimactic fashion, diffused by the forced-coziness between Carl Icahn and Yahoo's board.

So as we approach the six-month anniversary of Microsoft's initial run at Yahoo, what better time to assess the overall game of the Micro-hoo-gle-cahn saga?

After dozens of parses over the past six months, Jack Flack has identified several reality-challenged themes that collectively explain why no player in the drama as emerged as the good guy, or even the smart guy.

So to entertain you while the proxies are being tabulated, Jack Flack presents "The 10 Tastiest Porky Pies of Micro-hoo-gle-cahn."

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