Attack on Titan game coming to PlayStation platform this winter from Omega Force

For the past week, Koei Tecmo has been counting down to the announcement of a new game from Dynasty Warriors developer Omega Force. It’s an Attack on Titan game, according to the 17th Attack on Titan manga volume launching on Friday, and it’s coming to a PlayStation platform this winter.

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Germany71083d ago

So what? PS3 still receives games.

Sonyslave31083d ago

Huh i was excited my console is still getting games. -_-

spacedelete1083d ago Show
DarkOcelet1082d ago

@Spacedelete , mate you are trying so hard to hate on Playstation. Seriously wtf did Sony ever so to get you to hate it so much lol?

lvl_headed_gmr1082d ago

Although Attack on Titan is an AWESOME series and soon to be live action motion picture, I think it's great it will find it's way to consoles...however, why dear god would they choose the most difficult hardware to develop it on? Why not make a PS4 version? Couldn't be any worse than Godzilla.

Where is that petition to make this a PS4 title and NOT a last gen PS3 title where many have moved on. It's not like the PS4 has backwards compatibility....

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kratoz12091083d ago

Capcom is also making an attack on titan game also

gokuking1083d ago

Incoming Toukiden re-skin.

PhoenixUp1083d ago

PS3 just keeps getting exclusive games

bmf73641083d ago

The PS4 is having a slow adoption rate in Japan so it's not that odd that it's coming on PS3 where the audience is already broad in the nation

kingdom181083d ago

Yeah, the only question is now when/if this gets a western release will the PS3 version come as well, or are they going to follow suite with more and more publishers recently and only port the PS4 version, assuming its on both consoles.

Christopher1083d ago

I wonder how this will play out. When you die, do you just restart as another character? Not like there aren't plenty of them to go through and there are a ton of deaths :P

Lukejrl1083d ago

Not since the Gantz had I been a pallet and shocked and the number of deaths in an anime or manga. When she spins the guy like a sling and throws him in air shudders

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The story is too old to be commented.