Sony to Reveal Project Morpheus Multiplayer Experience at SIGGRAPH

VRFocus reports on the revelation that Sony will unveil a Project Morpheus multiplayer experience at SIGGRAPH next week, developed in conjunction with NASA.

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joeorc1019d ago

Very Cool, Dr. Richard Marks and his team I imagine are pretty excited to kick off the Morpheus Multiplayer demo there.

Cannot wait to see this.

Septic1019d ago (Edited 1019d ago )

Should be dope! I really have to try VR.

Also expect to see some fail videos online where some kid unwittingly RKO's his grandmother through a coffee table as he plays WWE VR edition.

joeorc1019d ago (Edited 1019d ago )

Lol, so true there is the page on the web site listing the demos for VR and AR..there is a AR demos by Microsoft and the company that help make the snazzy AR goggles with Microsoft Laster glass!

There is a hybrid AR and VR unit combined together that's being shown. And Oculus rift also getting some Demo's there also.

Its very packed by the looks of it
.. Theme is Quilts for the convention! Lol. Just look at the web site..hahaha pretty nifty.

joeorc1019d ago

also @ the VRVillage event @ Siggraph

as always some cool pretty neat stuff


should go nice addition to google card board.

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S2Killinit1019d ago

Multiplayer VR. Now that wiuld be interesting.

BillmadeAGate1019d ago

Multiplayer on VR.... idk if that's such a good idea

Septic1019d ago

Repeatedly hitting the crouch button on top of a downed opponent will enter a whole new dimension.

morganfell1019d ago

Especially if you are the downed opponent...

Septic1019d ago

You'll probably choose to delay respawning for as long as possible :P

morganfell1019d ago (Edited 1019d ago )

Ha ha, depends on who is bagging or clamming me!

There are a lot of standard game moments we take for granted in gaming that assume an entirely different aspect under VR. This new experience, not just being downed :) can't get here soon enough.

morganfell1019d ago

Sweet. Really cannot wait to see where this goes. In addition to specifically built VR titles I am looking to see how standard games fare so hopefully we will see titles that use VR enhancement. I am one of those sick persons that wants to see Battlefront and Mirrors Edge in VR.

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