Here Are 4 Reasons Why Rise of the Tomb Raider is Going To Be So Much Fun

Twinfinite writes:

Rise of the Tomb Raider is set to be released in November of this year. Here are some reasons why you should definitely be excited for it.

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Orejillz1055d ago

Really looking forward to this game. The stealth and tombs have me excited.

christocolus1055d ago

Going by what we've seen so far,I think it's going to be a lot better than the reboot and i loved the reboot a lot.

Orejillz1055d ago

I have to agree. I liked the reboot (first Tomb Raider game I ever thoroughly enjoyed) and this looks like even more of that, except more finely tuned which is definitely a good thing.

4Sh0w1055d ago

Exactly. Everything looked like they improved on the reboot....I thought the reboot was great, its one of the few games that I collected every single item, weapon, relic, etc in the game. I played it again on X1 just to get ready for ROTR.

nix1054d ago

Honestly.. I saw 3 mins of it and stopped watching it. It's like the combination of TLOU and Uncharted. The first reboot game also couldn't hold my attention though i got it from ps+. And this is coming from a fan of TR franchise.

After the show of U4, i really thought the devs would up their game.

But one thing ppl need to know why Uncharted n TLOU is so well loved, it's because of the stories. If there is no deep story, it'll just fall flat. I wish success to the tr team but going by how it looks, i might just wait until it comes out on ps+.

And I'm not saying all this bcoz it's coming out on X1 first. Even if it was coming out on PS first my thoughts would exactly be the same.

starchild1055d ago

I, too, was a big fan of the Tomb Raider reboot and ROTR looks even better. Can't wait.

Rookie_Monster1055d ago (Edited 1055d ago )

I love the gameplay demo from the conference today. Really liking the stealth and puzzle will be a big part of this game. The 3x larger than the last game is really exciting as well.

Pre ordered and ready to go this November.

poppinslops1055d ago (Edited 1055d ago )

Oh mein Lara... Day Ein.

I didn't actually watch the demo (or the E3 one)... this one's been on my list since it was announced.

OrangePowerz1055d ago

Is it just me or does a lot of that stealth section look like it's just missing some fungus zombies?