Custom sound effects, DLC and more details for Xbox One Halo 5: Guardians Limited Edition 1TB Bundle

New details have been listed for the Xbox One Halo 5: Guardians Limited Edition 1TB Bundle, including info on the custom sound effects, DLC and other content.

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Aloy-Boyfriend840d ago (Edited 840d ago )

Imma preorder it as soon as I leave work. This is the right time to jump in! I swear if I manage to grab one, it will become my main console this gen. Hype is real!

RosweeSon840d ago

Don't think they'll sell out on launch day buddy.

donthate840d ago

I expect a large quantities of this to be made, but Sunset Overdrive bundle did sell out in the US. A lot of people scrambled to buy it and was dissappointed.

RosweeSon839d ago

Shop around someone will have them how long were the day1 editions floating around for as it was certainly more than a day, more like year 1 editions.

wakeNbake839d ago

Im gonna wait for the Gears of War 4 LE Console.

Ghost_of_Tsushima840d ago (Edited 840d ago )

This looks amazing. I really wish it was $429 instead of $499 though. A bit to high for me. Especially when the 1Tb Forza 6 console bundle is just $399.

loopygames840d ago

Is the $499.99 price, correct? O_O

crazychris4124840d ago

It must be a mistake. Forza 6 bundle is 399 n it's custom too.

AutoCad840d ago

probably comes with the other version of Halo 5 ..maybe deluxe with the season pass

LAWSON72840d ago

Halo 5 has no season pass. Maps are free

lunatic0001840d ago

it comes with the limited edition of the game as well as the guardian statue

T-Dawg6840d ago

Probably because It's 1 Tb

T-Dawg6840d ago

But so is the forza one so idk

LAWSON72840d ago

Wonder why considering

The previous ones all have M for violence, blood. IA m sure it has both lol

ZaWarudo840d ago

Halo always felt like a light M to me, so a T isn't surprising.

DragonDDark840d ago

Shut up dio! Everything is E for you!

franwex840d ago

I always wondered why it was an M to be honest. I've seen PG-13 films with more violence.

Destiny was T also.

Maybe the ESRB is getting more loose; like the MPAA?

Sciurus_vulgaris840d ago

The Halo 5 beta felt just as violent as previous M-rated titles and had the same amount of blood. But to be honest with you I don't get how both halo and say max Payne 3 (the most violent game I ever played) could share a rating. The ESRB should have a rating between T and M.

iSuperSaiyanGod840d ago

Halos never been a violent game lol you shoot plasma cannons at aliens . No blood no guts barely to no cursing. I never got the M rating . GTA deserves a M rating but halo noooooo... Lol

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LAWSON72840d ago (Edited 840d ago )

Ordered can't wait, I thought this console would not happen. Happy b-day me! The price seems rather off though

TearsOfARapper84840d ago

Simply due to coming with the collector's ($100) version of the game.

LAWSON72840d ago

Forza edition come with Forza 6 free and is custom as well.

If anything $450 is much more reasonable.

Toiletsteak840d ago

I don't know which one to get, i really want a Xbox One but i am not sure to get the blue Forza console or wait for the Halo one.

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The story is too old to be commented.