Forza 6’s Rain Effects “Are Unprecedented in Gaming”


"The Forza Motorsport series turns 10 this year. For a large portion of that time two features have been heavily requested, perhaps more than any other: wet weather and night racing."

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raggy-rocket932d ago (Edited 932d ago )

Hard to find games with such great visuals whe accompanied by so much content

xfiles2099932d ago

I'm not a huge Microsoft fan but I will admit this is a day one buy for me. I have not played a Forza game since Forza 4. Will they bring back the custom paint and auction store.

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Dread932d ago

Forza never lets u down. Keep the up the good work Turn 10!!!!

KionicWarlord222932d ago

Dan Greenwalt showing forza 6 strength here and putting other devs on notice :

“So, the things that we’ve done in rain I believe are unprecedented in gaming. We’ve got standing water that’s fully simulated on the track and, depending on the size of your tyres and how fast your angle of attack is, those tyres will aquaplane and you’ll be along for the ride.”

“So specifically that’s not just about a little bit less friction and some spray on the windshield. Those are great effects and I think people appreciate that, but what this is about is the tension and the chaos that’s created by having puddles on the track and having real limited visibility."

"It’s not ‘usually 60’, it’s not ‘sometimes 60’, it’s not ‘we try to be 60’. We’re 60 [frames per second], in all conditions, with 24 cars on track." - Dan greenwalt

Turn10 shall deliver the goods this fall for the best racer of the year.

FamilyGuy932d ago (Edited 932d ago )

Raising the bar, they better be telling the truth and not biting off more than they can chew though. With how confidently he stating these things though, I don't doubt him.
Good work Turn10!

ScorpiusX932d ago

Sweet can't wait to play.

JEECE932d ago

"Turns 10 this year.". I see what you did there.

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The story is too old to be commented.