Nintendo on gaming’s future long-term: We owe it to fans ‘not to be copycat-ish’

When a gamer thinks of innovation, the first company to pop into their head is usually Nintendo. Nintendo has been an innovator since they entered the video game industry, and have continued to new introduce new methods of interacting with games and creating new gameplay experiences. recently spoke with Scott Moffitt, Executive VP of Sales at Nintendo of America, about the future of gaming, how risk taking brings out the best in the industry, and why Nintendo doesn’t copy the ideas of other developers.

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PhoenixUp1105d ago (Edited 1105d ago )

Speaking of long term, I really hope Nintendo doesn't cût the Wii U's lifespan short just to release the stop gap known as NX.

Adapting to the competition's contributions to the industry is a great way to improve your platform. PlayStation and Xbox borrowed a lot of concepts from each other and greatly improved upon them by adding their own unique spin to it. Forgoing these concepts will only make the competition look that much better in comparison.

MattyF1105d ago

One area Nintendo needs to "copy" from Sony/MS is online interface for their consoles. Programs like PS+ or Games with Gold would work well for them.

LAWSON721105d ago (Edited 1105d ago )

Not offering freebies is not the problem, PS+ and Live offer great online features while Nintendo does not. They need to copy much more than just giving free games for a paid service, IMO that is not even one of the notable key aspects it should adopf

ABizzel11105d ago (Edited 1105d ago )

No one wants you to be a PS / Xbox clone, but your games alone will never make that a reality.

We want you to not be +1 generation(s) behind PS / Xbox in hardware, online, and services.

We want you to not be +2 generations behind in mature game (Not unnecessary blood, gore, and violence, but mature experiences like TellTale games).

We want you to not be +3 generations behind on 3rd party relationships missing out on game franchise like Borderlands, Batman, Assassin's Creed, Mass Effect, etc... (I know they have a couple games few of these), all of which are games that fill and enhance your library with games that you have no desire of ever making.

And finally we want New IP and sequels to games that we been asking for going on 4+ generations now. Pokemon MMO, Pokemon Snap, Earthbound, AAA Metroid, Super Mario RPG 2, and more. You experiment a lot on DS, but we only get 1 maybe 2 major new IP per gen on console (Splatoon > Wii Sports > Pikmin > ....).

Finally we just want you to be Nintendo, take more chances, and be successful.

And don't listen to these fanboys and make a $400 console. While we all want a powerhouse console from you, it's a bad business decision right now, XBO / PS4 are doing just fine with their performance, and you don't need it with the kind of games you make, simply make a console that rivals XBO / PS4 at a very affordable price ($299 tops).

BrandanT1104d ago

Gaming generations usually don't last 7 years.

ShottyGibs1105d ago

I think Nintendo owe it to their fans to future proof their consoles more instead of constantly bringing out new cheap machines. Some beefier hardware so 3rd party games get released on the platform would help.

higgins781105d ago

Buy a PC if you want 'future proof' or 'beefier hardware' (lol). The WiiU's catalogue of games hold up (graphically) easily next to either PS4 or XB1. Nintendo's games (normally) don't strive for the semi-realistic visual quality. Important matter...Nintendo's staple titles both look AND run fantastically.

ShottyGibs1105d ago (Edited 1105d ago )

Yes I have a PC for that.
Try to comprehend my statement.
Nintendo is great but 3rd developers dont bother bringing games to it because of its hardware limitations. It would be nice if a Nintendo could have its own exclusives whatever the graphical style (straw man agreement you made there) and also get 3rd party multiplatform games too.
That's not too much to ask, so stop taking good constructive criticism as a personal attack on your favourite console.

CrowbaitBob1105d ago

It's really sad that people think beefier hardware = pretty graphics.

The hardware inferiority of the WiiU impacts far more than "teh grafix." Even if that were the case the WiiU can't handle simple anti-aliasing. The jaggies are all over the place on WiiU games.

The WiiU can't handle games like the Witcher, for instance, not just because of all the pretty colors and fancy lighting but because of those things combined with a massive open and dynamic world.

You don't need a PC to experience the best multiplat games coming out this gen. You just need something more powerful than a WiiU.

Ck1x1104d ago

No such thing as future proofing!
These new consoles already don't seem that impressive anymore. Primarily because the graphics aren't going to magically get leaps and bounds better on the familiar hardware.

FallenAngel19841105d ago

Nintendo not adapting to market trends is why their console sales have been on a downward trend since 1996.

5th gen- Not adapting to CD allowed PS1 become a dominating force and even allowed commercial failure Saturn to gain more third party support than N64.

6th gen- Not adapting to DVD allowed PS2 to become a dominating force and even allowed newcomer Xbox to gain more support than GCN.

7th gen- Not adapting to HD allowed PS3 and 360 to sustain long lifecycles and establish strong foundations for their future predeccessors while Wii died out in 5 years.

8th- As a result of their previous console not adapting to modern trends, Wii U is behind PS4 and X1 in so many areas.

Going their own way is great and all because its what sets Nintendo apart from the competition. But when your latest console struggles to sell 3 million units a year, you gotta see that something is very wrong and needs to change. If Nintendo doesn't learn from its mistakes, the NX will be its next worst selling console.

Sly-Lupin1105d ago

...That's because Nintendo tries to set trends rather than follow them. Where do you think analog sticks, touch screens and motion controls came from?

gamingpro1105d ago

And D pad, shoulder buttons, rumble. Even the diamond layout of the buttons.
Sony and Microsoft have both copied these things from Nintendo.

Idiot fanboys are quick to forget the positive Nintendo has done and only focus on the negative. You wouldn't have your favourite controller now if it wasn't for Nintendo.

Segata1104d ago

And not just in hardware either. Mario 64 set the foundation how all future 3D games are made and Nintendo games take full advantage of the controls and hardware they were designed for.
The industry often copies Nintendo.

LAWSON721104d ago (Edited 1104d ago )

You know Nintendo won Gen 7 and thinking it is debatable is hilarious, not only do they still have the most units sold, but they did it in a shorter period of time. They also reported high profits and not losses all gen very much unlike Sony and MS. However Gen 8 started early for them and between the start of the 3ds and Wii U the losses started to come lol

You know why? They started a trend more popular than graphics and resolutions, that did not require expensive hardware rather a slight gamble on a potential idea. Your reason why is absurd. Wii died because it was a trend and trends die, and Nintendo simply stopped support when this happened.

This is coming from someone who despises the Wii btw

PhoenixUp1104d ago

Controller innbaroons are nice, but you can't base an entire console around it. N64 analog sticks were nice, but Sony drastically improved upon that concept by implementing dual añalog control, making the N64's main selling point outdated. GameCube's Wavebird was a nice innovation in making wireless controllers more mainstream, but then its competitors also adapted quickly.

Without anything beyond a controller innovation, Nintendo's consoles would be outclassed because they don't offer much else to rival the competition.

1105d ago
Movieworld1104d ago

Nintendo are a lot like Nokia. Nokia used to be the innovaters and the specialists in mobile phones. Then they got stuck in their ways and apple took over and now they are nothing. Nintendo are heading the same way unfortunately unless they nail the NX and model it on the PS4 and X Box.

Ck1x1104d ago

Nintendo is heading the way of Nokia with billions of dollars in the bank, no debt, dominating the handheld sector and making profits again each quarter. This comment really makes a lot of sense... Does Nintendo need to change things going forward with their home console business? Yes, but people are getting a bit crazy with these comparisons these days.

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