The Top 5 Rare Replay Games You Should Play First

Rare Replay is a collection of the 30 best games developed by the legendary studio Rare. Here are our selections for the top 5 out of the bunch.

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DirtyPete1083d ago

Gotta love these games. This game will take up the rest of my year with how many of these games im going to 100% haha :)

Orejillz1083d ago

Yeah, there are so many games I remember from when I was a child, this is an amazing compilation.

KimikoGaming1082d ago

Once the camera controls update comes, everyone should play Jet Force Gemini. Amazing game.

Orejillz1082d ago

I love Jet Force Gemini, one of my favorite Rare games, but I couldn't recommend it due to it always having pretty shaky camera and gameplay controls.

reaperman1082d ago

The first one I am playing is one of my all time favourite games from the N64..... Conker's Bad Fur Day
Just wish I could play it is widescreen without the border (although the border is nice and colourful)