Neil Druckman - Creative Director of The Last of Us praises Quantum Break

Neil Druckman thinks that Quantum Break looks fantastic, and he can't wat to play it.

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ZeroX98761079d ago

I love it when the competition acknowledge the others for their great work! I personally don't have an X1, but maybe I'll get the chance of playing it on someone else's X1 :D

Did they ever talk about a PC version coming later? That would be a fantastic game to play on windows 10!

Genuine-User1079d ago (Edited 1079d ago )

I would not expect this game to release on PC anytime soon. Maybe a year or two down the line.

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uptownsoul1079d ago (Edited 1079d ago )


You can tell a potential GOTY without ever playing it yourself? Don't get me wrong, the game does look awesome. But I think people should reserve GOTY predictions for games they have actually played

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donthate1079d ago


In general you can kind of tell if a game is going to be good or not, by paying attention to the little details.

Some things though you cannot know until the game is released including boring levels, re-hashed enemies and so on. Destiny comes to mind!

Either way, so far if I had to guess Quantum Break looks absolutely amazing and right up there in the GOTY nominees. Too early to tell? Yes, but it has all the marks of it.

That said, games earlier in the year tend to be forgotten at the end of the year so you never know....

Veneno1079d ago

Or at least let us be in the same year in which the game comes out. It's not out til next Spring lol.

BLizardXD1079d ago

Let the last of us developer speak, he knows what he's talking about.

Lamboomington1079d ago

If we get it on PC at all, that'll be awesome.

I'm super happy they released Alan Wake on PC. It was a great port, with updated graphics options and everything.

Anyhow, QB looks fantastic

uptownsoul1079d ago (Edited 1079d ago )


"you can kind of tell if a game is going to be good or not" -- Plenty of games come out that are good that don't reach GOTY standards. And there are plenty of games each year that few notice before launch that end up top GOTY nominees (Shadow of Mordor 2014, Bloodborne 2015).

So while I think Quantum Break looks great, talk of GOTY 2016 in early August 2015 seems a bit of a reach

As a side note (and not directed at you @donthate) I find it fascinating that I have more dislikes than likes when I said the game looks great & awesome, but I still think its crazy to talk GOTY 2016 contenders in August 2015.

t-hall7851079d ago

Only thing that had me worried was the tv show aspect. thought it had a good chance of being some cheesy b rate fmv thing. Glad to see they stepped up their game with quality actors.

Day One for me.

UltraNova1079d ago (Edited 1079d ago )


Watchdogs says your're wrong. Apart from the visual downgrade, based on the trailers and gameplay vids the small details you mentioned only helped to lure in unsuspected pray only to discover a bland, uninteresting game underneath.

That said, Quantum Break is one of the most exciting games coming out next year and a must play for 3rd person action adventure fans out there. But calling a game GotY material from less than 10 minutes footage is naive to say the least.

Look at what happened with Batman, anyone who gives it a game of the year nomination is a fool imho because they would essentially reward Warner for a releasing a broken game to 1/3 of gamers out there. No matter how good the actual game on other platforms is it does not deserve GotY.

Hell, I wont even label Uncharted 4 as GotY material yet even if I know what Naughty Dog is capable of!

Lets wait and see, after all we've seen so far this gen we should now know better.

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OpieWinston1079d ago

Given Windows 10 focus is on Cross Play for games. And QB isn't designed to have an MP component... I'd say Windows version chances are slim to none.

hades071079d ago


I honestly dont know why you got disagrees, maybe jealous fanboys?

Like you I feel it is awesome to see competitors recognize great work other companies are doing. Another one of the million reasons Naughty Dog are one of the best game developers.

mike32UK1079d ago

Ditto! I'm a PS gamer but this looks bloody brilliant. Is this the same team that made Alan Wake for the 360? I remember being very jealous of that game when it came out. Looks like they know how to make my kind of game !

JeffGUNZ1078d ago

Yes, this is the same developer. They make really great games with great stories. This looks very fun.

Aceman181079d ago

Quantum Break is the only reason i'll purchase a X1 next year.

UltraNova1079d ago

I'm very very tempted to get one as well but I will wait for Nintendo's move first as two systems are already too many for me anyways. If they release anything worth having aka competitive I'll go with them and play any worthwhile xbox games on my PC as most of them will eventually come to W10.

ZhukNasimPog1078d ago

I'll be amazed if Nintendos next console even reaches 1 teraflop. In 4 years play station and xbox will be upwards of 5 teraflops

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StrayaKNT1079d ago ShowReplies(6)
Letthewookiewin1079d ago

Quantum Break looks flat out amazing.

TwoForce1079d ago

Well, I want to see people to shake hand each other in honor way.

LordMaim1079d ago

It does look pretty good, with an interesting power set and intriguing story line. I'm a little dubious about the TV tie-in, but at least they have a decent cast to draw on so hopefully that turns out okay. I'm sure the game will be great though, because even Remedy's worst game was a lot of fun.

Lon3wolf1079d ago (Edited 1079d ago )

Yeah I agree I bought into the Defiance hype which turned out pretty bad in the cossover to the game/show side of things.

We can only wait and see, as long as the game stands up in its own right then I'll be happy.

LordMaim1079d ago

The show is passable, but the game was atrocious.

ScorpiusX1079d ago

What game was that . Just curious

LordMaim1079d ago (Edited 1079d ago )

What I would consider Remedy's worst game? Death Rally I guess. I'm not saying it's a bad game, but in a list of things one has to be subjectively best and worst, and that would be the one.

I'm also not great at racing games, particularly ones that have unusual perspectives, so your mileage may vary.

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