2 revealing Dark Souls 3 theories from the new Gamescom trailer

GotGame: The new Dark Souls 3 trailer is a little confusing, but here's 2 big things that could make some sense.

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chaos9991081d ago

I need a demo walkthrough.

I need it

TWB1081d ago

"Lord of Cinder, aka Gwyn"

AFAIK, the game concentrates on all the previous lords of cinder AKA undeads that have rekindled the previous flames.

gangsta_red1081d ago

Imagine a collection of THIS game!

MasterCornholio1081d ago (Edited 1081d ago )

Imagine a From Software collection.


Demon Souls, Darksouls 1-3 and Bloodborne.

That would be amazing.

chaos9991081d ago


My heart would collapse