Check Out Halo 5 and Forza 6 Xbox One Consoles and Controllers in the Flesh in Detailed Pictures

The newly announced limited edition Halo 5: Guardians Xbox One, on top of the controllers and headset, were available in the flesh at the media showcase in Cologne after Microsoft’s press conference.

On top of that, the Forza Motorsport 6 Xbox One and controller was also exposed to the cameras.

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crazychris4124840d ago

I'm getting the forza 6 bundle next month

FlexLuger840d ago

Im a bit jealous :) enjoy!

loopygames840d ago (Edited 840d ago )

The stock photos (halo 5 console) look a lot better, might just be the lack of lighting.

gangsta_red840d ago

That is very sexy. Sucks that I have a regular black Xbox, love the color of the Forza Xbox One.

LAWSON72840d ago

I need the MC controller

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The story is too old to be commented.