Goodbye Dinklebot: Destiny Recasts Its Most Important Character With Nolan North

We recently visited Bungie for an in-depth look at Destiny: The Taken King, coming away with all sorts of details about the upcoming release. One of the most surprising changes is coming to what is arguably Destiny’s most central-voiced character: the Ghost. The tiny floating robotic being is the de facto narrator throughout the base game, and he assumes an even more important role in The Taken King. Playing that role moving forward is Nolan North, replacing Peter Dinklage in the name of a unified character voice throughout the entire game.

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Relientk771111d ago

That's weird they would do that. I wonder what it will sound like now, robotic Nathan Drake/Desmond

-Foxtrot1111d ago

He should just do his Adventure Sphere voice from Portal

Naga1111d ago

I am so incredibly happy about this decision.

Godmars2901111d ago

Probably didn't want, or couldn't, pay him for additional lines. He didn't want to do it again because of all of the complaints of how he did it.

Erik73571111d ago

That and the fact that he did a terrible job at it.


Only so much an actor can do with terrible cardboard dialouge

HammadTheBeast1111d ago

It's not even his fault, you take a prominent actor/voice actor, and cast him as a robot with the most plain, boring lines I've ever heard. He's literally told to be expressionless and dull.

UltraNova1111d ago (Edited 1111d ago )

In all fairness, Dinklage didn't have the best of material to work with...

Now how can they tone Nolan's funny character down to a dull expressionless AI, I have no idea...

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GameDev11111d ago

I dont get it, does Nolan North to sound robotic?? He could just speak and they will put some voice robot FX on it

Think that was the problem with Dinklage, tried to sound robotic with no personality

Dirtnapstor1111d ago

I hope they don't go the Claptrap direction. They need Jeremy Irons to play the part.

iTechHeads1111d ago

It's not weird. Peter Dinklage's voice is really unsuited for the role.

GribbleGrunger1111d ago

Nolan North's performance will dwarf Peter Dinklage's performance in Destiny. It's a tall order for such a small roll with little freedom to express any personality, but I'm sure that Nolan North will grow into the part.

LordMaim1111d ago

Droll. And unnecesssary.

scark921111d ago

I laughed admittedly! xD

Losso-Oso1110d ago

Not really funny man, your puns just fell short bro.

Sketchy_Galore1110d ago

Apparently they're just taking all the lines he recorded for the Deadpool game, running them through a phaser effect then adding them to this game. Sounds like a good fit to me.

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RpgSama1111d ago

I would like the option for both voices in the old expantions and main game, and in the new one the Nolan North, they already have the sound files, it would be a shame to not give us more options instead of removing them.

1111d ago
Dynasty20211111d ago

Because changing the voice actor explains the story! #bungielogic.

AnotherGamer1171111d ago

This has to be expensive to redo all the massive voice lines that Dinkle had... Where in the world are they getting this money?

Oh wait, 35 bucks for DLC that has 1 raid, 2 strikes and 5 missions (no new areas).

I am ashamed to admit I played the game and forked over for the DLC before I knew how badly I was getting screwed... Never again Bungie, never again.

pivotplease1111d ago

Still waiting for the DLC to price drop. Maybe around the release of the Taken King I can get both for 20 combined? That would be actually decent value for the money.

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The story is too old to be commented.