We (do not) Love Golf!

Globe and Mail writes: "We Love Golf!, from Camelot Software Planning-the brains behind the superb Mario Golf games-is the latest example of a talented game maker being flummoxed by Nintendo's white box. The Japanese developer apparently felt compelled to make use of the Wii remote's motion sensitivity, replacing the tried and true three-tap swing system of their previous golf games with an imprecise and awkward physical swing meter that bears more in common with the movement involved in tossing a ball to a toddler than a proper golf swing. Indeed, next to the highly evolved and empowering controls of other current generation golf games, such as Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2008 and Hot Shots Golf: Out of Bounds, We Love Golf!'s swing system seems like a frustrating step backward for the genre."

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Mr PS33646d ago

Everybody's Golf will do fine for me

Alexander Roy3646d ago

I can't believe they let Camelot make this game instead of a new Mario Tennis/Golf or a new Golden F'in Sun. Shows that Nintendo gives the "core" (as they call it) the finger. Again.

motts3646d ago

Ya so i have never wasted my time with the wii to be honest, although my cousin got the wii fit and i had fun on that for a lil while, but my younger brother owns it. Im trying to figure out a game to get him. He is 11 and easily amused. Obviously i do my best to guide him in gaming. Whenever he picks up (movie title) THE GAME i dont let that fly. Trying to teach him that its all about 1st party games dont waste time with wii sports knockoffs and sh*t. anyway, want to get him a golf game on the wii, whats best?