Halo Wars 2 Announced for Fall 2016, The Creative Assembly Developing

OnlySP: Microsoft just dropped what's probably going to be the biggest bomb of Gamescom 2015.

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lelo2play1107d ago

Great news.

I'm surprised Creative Assembly (Sega) is working on it.

PockyKing1107d ago (Edited 1107d ago )

Yea, that was totally unexpected but fantastic at the same time. They know how to make an RTS. I'm also curious to know how they translate their style of gameplay into an Halo RTS.

Septic1107d ago

And cross play with PC gamers. It'll be mad. That keyboard/mouse support will come handy no doubt

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donthate1107d ago


KB/Mouse support might just come to Xbox One!

4Sh0w1106d ago (Edited 1106d ago )

Nice, been waiting for this....they are really doing a good job of diversifying the game types on X1, and Halo Wars was my favorite RTS on consoles last gen.

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hades071107d ago

Didn't a lot of staff from the closure of Ensemble Studios go to Creative assembly? If so many of them would have experience with the previous Halo Wars.

lemoncake1107d ago

Yeah the fact creative assembly are making it just rockets this announcement to a whole new level. Great surprise.

3-4-51107d ago (Edited 1107d ago )


First one was decent but only because the awesome Ensemble Studios was working on it.

Still sad all these years later that they just dismantled Ensemble Studios like that, especially when they had NEVER made a bad game ever.

Good news though, as RTS games on consoles are prime for a good push this and next gen.

* There BETTER be more than just two factions.

That stuff flew in the 90's...barely....but even then Age of Empires had multiple civs.

Playing as the humans over and over again got boring real quick in Halo Wars.

Zeref1106d ago

It wasn't microsoft's fault though it was the recession.

otherZinc1107d ago (Edited 1107d ago )

WOW! Just wow! Wasn't expecting that!

Beat Halo Wars on Legendary. Absolutely loved that game! Next year is going to be fantastic again, for XBOX ONE.

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ZaWarudo1107d ago

Scalebound and Halo Wars 2 has me very jelly.

TheRedButterfly1107d ago

You know there is a way to remedy that jelly, right? :)

falviousuk1107d ago

I saw what you done there

raggy-rocket1107d ago

Ballsy move going to windows 10, but it's an RTS, it's the perfect fit!!!! Oh my God YES, HALO WARS 2. I HAVE WAITED SO LONG!

hades071107d ago

I agree, cannot wait. I dont play as many strategy games now that I play more games on console than the PC but Halo Wars on the 360 was amazing. Now to hopefully play Halo Wars on xbox one backwards compatibility as a primer before 2 comes out.

falviousuk1107d ago

I would imagine MS will give Halo Wars way with Halo Wars 2 the same they are doing with other games

Sciurus_vulgaris1107d ago

I not surprised the announcement of this game came shortly after Xbox One mouse and keyboard support.

steve30x1107d ago

They said they were looking into keyboard and mouse support for Xbox one. They did not say it would actually happen.

steve30x1106d ago

To those that disagreed. Here is the proof. I do follow the news

wakeNbake1107d ago

Never played the last one, I'll have to look into this though.

PockyKing1107d ago

The first one was one of my favorite RTS games. Basically command and conquer in Halo, worked so well. Just, with the power of the 360 the amount going on, on screen was pretty limited so I'm super interested to know just how big they're going with 2.

Also, you should look up the soundtrack for the game if you like any Halo music. So good.

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