Rise of the Tomb Raider - Gamescom 2015 Gameplay Playthrough

During Microsoft’s Gamescom 2015 conference, Square Enix showcased a new demo for Rise of the Tomb Raider.

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-Foxtrot1106d ago (Edited 1106d ago )

What did I just see? Was that Tomb Raider?

Goodness. I gave the first game the benefit of the doubt for not being much like an actual Tomb Raider game thinking they would go back to the franchises roots (like they said) in the sequel but it looks like the first one but even more action packed. She just slaughters them.

They borrowed a lot from Uncharted where the first game basically was an open world Uncharted game with hubs instead of chapters now they are borrowing stuff from the Last of Us. It's just coming off they are trying to be like NaughtyDog instead of doing their own thing. I'm not saying ND came up with those gameplay features but at least they made it their own

Really hope in the far future when this gets a reboot they make an actual Tomb Raider game because this could have been a brand new IP.

This isn't saying the game looks shit, it looks like a good game much like the first one was but as a Tomb Raider game it does nothing for me

StrayaKNT1106d ago

Yeah no dude, this game looks absolutely brilliant.

-Foxtrot1106d ago (Edited 1106d ago )

For the love of god

Read what I said above in the end

"This isn't saying the game looks shit, it looks like a good game much like the first one was but as a Tomb Raider game it does nothing for me"

Key line

"This isn't saying the game looks shit"

It's not saying anything about the quality of the game but the fact it looks like a new franchise rather then Tomb Raider

You could give the first one the benefit of the doubt but this game looks like it's still moving away from what made Tomb Raider....Tomb Raider

I really feel I'm going to end up getting these kind of comments for the next few my last line will go right over peoples head. Wonder how many today.


Charybdis1106d ago

Its a good showing of how the combat game play. Though I would also like to see more on the exploration and puzzles in the game (the tombraider part).
Looking forward to seeing more on the tomb and puzzles, if I remember correctly there should be more of these in the game compared to the 2013 release.

Septic1106d ago

I really liked it. As a fan of the reboot, this seemed like it really built upon the last game.

There is also more focus on Tombs, whatever that actually means but it looks great. The open world is 3 times larger than any other game they've worked on. That is mad!

jetlian1106d ago

Foxtrot nobody knows how the tombs are set up!!! Did you think you would see tomb raiding in 6 mins? If so then you would complain tombs are too short just like reboot!

What did they barrow from uncharted and tlou? Only thing I see is tlou real time weapon making

slappy5081106d ago

To suggest that Tomb Raider is an unchartered clone is quite silly.
THe TOmb Raider reboot was fully open world. YOu could explore the map freely during or after your finish the main story whilst in Unchartered you cannot. Also Tomb Raider has a skill system that is also missing from Unchartered

Army_of_Darkness1106d ago (Edited 1106d ago )

The tomb raider reboot was what brought me back to the tomb raider series and this sequel looks awesome!( damn they really made Lara badass)
probably the only game I'm jealous of that us ps4 gamers don't have... for a whole year anyway..

breakpad1106d ago (Edited 1106d ago )

@ Foxtrot agree ..while i was never a big a fan of Tomb Raider (i speak only for the classic 1,2,3-4 , the contemporaries are ridiculous) ..i praised them for the high difficulty level (specially 2 and 3) ..nowdays this game (and its previous remake) its like a bad copy of Last of Us mixed with Uncharted as you say , no challenge just graphics (as the majority of nowdays games)

starchild1106d ago


See, I don't see that at all. Your comment doesn't make any sense to me. I've played all of the Tomb Raider games and Tomb Raider has always been about platforming, puzzles and combat. Tomb Raider 2013 had all of those things. Not quite as much focus on the tombs and puzzles, but not this HUGE difference you claim to exist. It felt like what a modern Tomb Raider should feel like, albeit with somewhat more emphasis on combat and less on puzzles. Rise of the Tomb Raider apparently will feature more puzzles and tombs, which will make it just about perfect in my book.

4Sh0w1106d ago (Edited 1106d ago )

Looks just like the reboot to me only much, much bigger & better. lol, they improved the animations, upgraded the graphics, opened the size of the world up and EXPANDED on many combat mechanics/gameplay from the 1st reboot= OMG 'tey, just no, its called improving on the original, alot of which that are core mechanics that have been around a long time before those games some try to act like they invented. Fortunately for the multi-millions of us who bought and loved the reboot it looks like we're in for a even better sequel....but its not surprising that ROTR threads attract the usual salty comments NOW that its 1st on X1.

Damm my game library is going to swell big time starting from today all the way through November, I need more time.

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98xpresent1106d ago (Edited 1106d ago )

Yeah They borrowed some thing's from TLOU

And it's pretty obvious what mechanics they borrowed

DarkOcelet1106d ago (Edited 1106d ago )

If it works well in the game then awesome.

Also taking elements from an amazing game is not bad at all ;)

SlapHappyJesus1106d ago

Most developers happily admit this is an iterative industry.
Besides, Naughty Dog does't exactly have trademark over scripted events and over-the-top set pieces.

bjmartynhak1106d ago

Yes, they did. Looks awesome though.

I would just be glad if they could acknowledge it at some point. Maybe right before the PS4 release. Specially because it is significantly similar.

Other than that, I'm completely ok with games borrowing good mechanics from others.

Professor_K1106d ago (Edited 1106d ago )

They didnt borrow anything from TLOU that game is really overated.Those elements have existed way before TLOU i honestly dont remember TLOU having this many explosions or action at once

_-EDMIX-_1106d ago

Games borrow from other games all the time, its a compliment.

Gears would not be what it is today without Cliffy borrowing from RE4.

starchild1106d ago

Developers constantly borrow what works well in other games and adapt it to their needs for their games. This is part of the evolution of videogames. When Uncharted came on the scene, for example, it was easy to see that it borrowed nearly every one of its mechanics from other games. But it's what you do with those mechanics that decides whether you create something fun and memorable to play.

Farmassy1106d ago

So I absolutely loved TLOU but I can't really think of anything new that it did. I feel like everything that it did, it did extremely well and made for one of the best games of last gen... but I can't think of any new elements that they game had. Still a great game but I don't think you can really say that Tomb Raider is stealing from TLOU

bjmartynhak1105d ago


Yes, they did.

TLOU is not original, true. But Tomb Raider took a good chunk of their compilation of mechanics.

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wakeNbake1106d ago

The demo reminded me quite a bit of the Ski Resort level in the TLOU..... in a good way.

bleedsoe9mm1106d ago

looked like a sequel to the reboot to me , and that game was awesome

iliimaster1106d ago ShowReplies(3)
Sora_19941106d ago ShowReplies(1)
SonofGod1106d ago (Edited 1106d ago )

Funny how every time a game uses a gameplay element that has existed long before TLoU or Uncharted even came out, the game gets criticized for copying Naughty Dog games.

Devs can't even make a third-person cover based shooter today without people accusing the devs of copying Uncharted.

-Foxtrot1106d ago

Read what I wrote

"I'm not saying ND came up with those gameplay features but at least they made it their own"

Are most of the people here who are replying to my comment above actually READING my comment

JeffGUNZ1106d ago

@ Foxtrot

Probably because you contradicted yourself. You said they borrowed "a lot" from Uncharted. Other then a graphically amazing TPS, I see nothing about uncharted in this. It's like saying uncharted stole Gears of War Cover based mechanics. You can't say "they borrowed a lot" then come back saying "I'm not saying ND came up with those features". Yes, you basically are telling us that Tomb Raider has taken things from Uncharted then go on to say ND didn't come up with them. Which one is it? Uncharted is awesome, no doubt, but this game appears to be more dark and more sense of survival then uncharted had.

Also, the tombs, you think they are going to show you a tomb and how to solve it? Come on man. This was purely an action/combat scene to show you the mechanics. You really expected a 6 minute tomb puzzle video? Really?

Lastly, it also doesn't help that you are the first person to post on this comment section about something awesome coming to Xbox. It might not have been your intent man, but when you read your comment it just looks like you are seriously trying to downplay this game.

SonofGod1106d ago (Edited 1106d ago )


I did read your whole comment. But your're basically saying that Tomb Raider can have similar mechanics as Uncharted and TLoU, but the mechanics can't look similar.



jb2271106d ago (Edited 1106d ago )

It's the presentation that is a carbon copy of TLOU...that realtime crafting mechanic even uses the exact same symbols filling up w/ white. If you can't see the resemblance, you might be blind. Its not a criticism, its just a fact. Does anyone honestly think that the CD devs never played or laid eyes on anything from TLOU and these ideas just came to them completely independent of that game? It's obvious that CD are heavily influenced by ND, anyone who can't agree w/ that are just straight up lying to themselves.

As far as Foxtrot wanting to see tombs, I think that's an absolutely reasonable expectation at this point. For all of the talk about a renewed focus on tombs, we've only seen a single shot of one at the end of a trailer. Meanwhile today's footage wasn't all that different from the combat footage that was originally behind closed doors at e3. Today was a perfect opportunity to show off a section of a tomb, if they are trying to sell gamers on this renewed focus, it's absolutely reasonable to expect to see it in action at some point before release.

Cuzzo631106d ago

I remember when Uncharted first made it's break through, the Xbox camp was comparing it to Gears of War. Now when I look at this and having played Uncharted series and TLOU. Anybody with enough sense can see the similarities. It looks good tho But the on the fly crafting and presentation screams TLOU and Uncharted. Guess we will see when it's released.

JasonKCK1105d ago

Foxtrot maybe you should have read what you wrote.

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scark921106d ago

I completely agree. I played the reboot not too long ago and this looked like more of the same. Many of the people who disagreed cannot be serious.

I love the game and everything, just saying it is not anything I have not seen already.

iliimaster1106d ago

lol did u wanna see the next game a go-cart racing game ? other than another crazy adventure? that makes no sense

Darkwatchman1106d ago ShowReplies(1)
UKmilitia1106d ago

its taking alot from last of us/uncharted as expected.
i like the look of the game and its action direction but as you say a full on tomb raider/indiana jones style with tons of real puzzles be really welcome some time in the future.

but this defo looks great.

NeoGamer2321106d ago

It looks like all of the additional features that weren't in the rebooted Tomb Raider are natural extensions. Did they get the ideas from some Sony games? Maybe, maybe not...

Uncharted was based on a lot of the work Tomb Raider did before it if I remember right.

Imalwaysright1106d ago (Edited 1106d ago )

wrong place

Imalwaysright1106d ago (Edited 1106d ago )

@ Fox Still waiting for you to tell me which was the game that set the template that Uncharted/TR 2013 follow. In other words which game was the Wolfenstein/Doom of 3D TPS action adventure games.

Also gtfo with TLoU. TR 2013 came before it and had stealth (TR has stealth elements since TR Chronicles, a PS1 game) brutal stealth kills, scavenging, weapons upgrades...

-Foxtrot1106d ago

Oh here we go...the guy who thinks Uncharted copied Tomb Raider because you know....they were exactly alike /s

"Still waiting for you to tell me which was the game that set the template that Uncharted/TR 2013 follow"

It was an evolution of platformer games in general

NaughtyDog took their platforming games they had done in the past and made them more realistic to fit where they were going with Uncharted

If they went through with that realistic Jak 4 concept they would probably have the same climbing gameplay as Uncharted...instead of the double jump thing.

Imalwaysright1106d ago (Edited 1106d ago )

No Foxtrot, TR was released in 1996 when 3D was taking its 1st steps and TR was the game that set the template that Uncharted and TR 2013 follow. TR was the 1st game to have platforming, climbing, swimming, puzzle solving and shooting enemies. Toby Gard and his team at Core designs even won a BAFTA award for it.

Scroll down to 1996

In TR sequels other elements were added to that template like driving vehicles, QTEs, stealth, hand to hand combat... which Uncharted also features.

As for Uncharted being an evolution of Jack

No! Uncharted was an evolution of what was done previously in TR. ND fine tuned the template that was created by Core Designs with gameplay mechanics that fit today's standards, added their own cinematic flair to it and instead of focusing mainly on platforming like TR they focused more on shooting people.

eyeDEVOUR1106d ago

Dude you are outright attacking him for his opinion. I agree with you that uncharted was modeled after tomb raider but only with its theme... But you are missing the main point he is trying to make. The old tomb raiders were puzzle solving games that had a little bit of action in them. The whole games mechanics worked on the use of the camera at differe nt locations to identify ledges and hidden paths to navigate the environment. And the last tomb raider and this one completely copied or piggybacked on uncharteds gameplay style and even a little bit of farcry3...
While these thi gs do make a great game it is NOT a tomb raider game period..

Imalwaysright1106d ago (Edited 1106d ago )

@ eyedevour

TR isn't a puzzle game and never has been, It's an action adventure game and is a combination of all the elements I stated above.

TR 2013 isn't a TR game? So TR 2013 isn't a TPS and doesn't have puzzle solving, platforming, killing enemies, climbing and exploration like TR 1996?

Doesn't TR 2013 have stealth like TR Chronicles and Angel of Darkness?

Doesn't TR 2013 have hand to hand combat and QTEs like TR Legend?

As for Uncharted 4, can't you drive vehicles in it like you did in TR2 or The Last Revelation? Doesn't the Drake have a grapple hook like Lara had in TR Legend and TR Anniversary? Doesn't the Drake do free climbing with an "ice pick" while Lara did it with her pickaxe in TR 2013?

Isn't it strange for a game that is "just piggybacking" on the Uncharteds to have all those elements before Uncharted ever did?

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Jaces1106d ago (Edited 1106d ago )

Why does the series look like its getting darker and darker. What happened to true exploration and chance encounters with humans or entities from time to time? I miss the Lara against nature and booby trapped temples, not a fan of the hordes of human armies we seem to have to trample through constantly.

The first part of her reboot was great and I thought they'd transition back to her roots, not up the danger with even more soldiers...ahh well. I hope these "tombs" they're talking about exploring are more than just a simple puzzle for an upgrade.

Professor_K1106d ago

I actually realy like this, it looked a perfect meld of stealth and chaos really blew me away

Jaces1106d ago

It just feels less and less like Tomb Raider in that sense though. It was never about chaos. I really feel like they're trying to outdo the Uncharted series. They don't need to do that. Go back to puzzles and actual exploration with a sprinkle of other raiders and beasts to run into. There's a reason Lara was so popular back in the day, go back to that. None of this "Badass Lara" dispatching enemies with precision and deadly ease. No, just no.

Hard8times1106d ago Show
Sevir1106d ago


Dude I'm beginning to think You and I played different Tomb raider games from the old PS1/PS2 era... Lara Croft wielded Guns, swam, and was every bit a ruthless killing machine in those game as she was in this current iteration when former dev Silicon helmed the franchise. She was even more so ruthless as she was just a gun toting acrobatic chick that fought against wild life and men and occasionally raided tombs...

This fixation and calling it Not "Tomb Raider" is just ludicrous, if anything, This is more inline with the legend and spirit of what tomb raider is. adventure in the open wilderness, taking on elements and denizens of the wild life is what this is... I'm not sure what part of nostalgia is keeping you from seeing this is clearly where Tomb Raider was heading, But it maybe time for you to actually boot up or emulate the old PS1 games. and actually play them again. the only thing they had was challenging puzzles.

NONE of the Tomb Raider games where 100% focused on simply exploring tombs... And this direction isn't bad, Its the direction the game needs to be, Tomb Raider is pulp fiction JUST like uncharted, The problem the series had on PS2 to PS3 before the reboot was that it didn't know how to transition to modern gameplay and combat mechanics and presentation until After Uncharted became the standard. and now the game is standing on its own 2 feet and is once again Relevant. These are the very same things you would expect Lara Croft to do as a seasoned explorer... if you're complain about how she killed so many man. Remember that on every last one of her pack shots for the Tomb Raider games on PS1,2 and even 3 before the Reboot she was seen clutching 2 guns...

Its really about time you let it go. I think you really believe this is just Uncharted with a female character, and you somehow cant get passed your own view of the game with that in mind.

nucky641106d ago

go back and play TR1 - I loved it and it's focus was on exploring tombs and solving puzzles. this game is ok - but it's not what I think of when I think TOMB RAIDER.

Jayszen1106d ago (Edited 1106d ago )

Foxtrot - you are absolutely right, ROTR is beginnimg to feel like the child of 'Uncharted' and 'The Last of Us' rather than having some the DNA of the old Tomb Raider games. If the character was not called 'Lara Croft' and the series 'Tomb Raider' it would have little to do with the Tomb Raider games of old.

I am also concerned at the manner in which the AI ignores Lara even when she should be visible to the enemy (like in the scene where she is in the hut and throws something to distract the guard)...a bit off, what?

lelo2play1106d ago (Edited 1106d ago )

WOW. Rise of the Tomb Raider looks very good.

Probably get a X1/TombRaider bundle this Christmas.

etownone1106d ago Show
Professor_K1106d ago Show
PhucSeeker1106d ago (Edited 1106d ago )

Things that the 2 have in common :
Enemy types
Over the top action scenes
Planned out platforming sequences

The different stuffs ?
_ Nathan doesn't gain new ability or gears. The game's puzzles required quite a lot of thinking.
_ Lara finds and upgrades stuffs so she can use them to find new paths, like Metroid. She can gain new ability to deal with tougher enemies. Puzzles use mostly platform skills to make it through.

So while Tomb Raider didn't have many original ideas, not all of its borrowed ones are borrowed from Uncharted.

Make sure you try the game out for yourself, it's a good game.

Christopher1106d ago

I didn't like the "dual headshot" or the "crafting explosives in a second" thing too much. Why? Because then they're going to throw a lot of boss guys at you that nullify those actions as well as your core abilities. The more grounded in reality and limiting in powerhouse she is, the more likely it is the bosses won't just be ultimate tanks and damage sponges.

I'm hoping I can still stealth play this game through 99% of the time and not rely on big explosives or power hitting weapons.

-Foxtrot1106d ago

Yeah that threw me aswell. Two Arrows in one go with such precision. What is she the Green Arrow.

She's a young adult who managed to survive the first time round by skill AND luck. It was bad enough in the first game you went from a scared, innocent girl crying after killing her first human being to being Rambo but now she's mastered the bow and arrow so she can fire two shots aswell. Won't be surprised if by a upgrade you can do 3.

Plus the poison arrow with a huge gas cloud...I mean really? Hitting toxic canisters I can get behind but it's like something you would see in Dishonored or Worms.

I hope we can Stealth but I really feel with all these massive additions turning Lara into some sort of secret agent they will put pressure on you to go head on with people.

Lennoxb631106d ago


People have been able to use two arrows on two separate enemies for centuries.

MehmetAlperTR1106d ago (Edited 1106d ago )

I didnt like it.. What's that ? Tomb Raider or Metal Gear.. This is Lara Croft common.. I dont like sneaking arround like MGS. If i want that i ll buy MGS V.. Thats better option. Ok i give up.. I ll not play this game.. We are the Lara Croft who fought with T-Rex.. Who fought with Mumies.. extc. Whats that :S

snoopgg1106d ago

Yeah, I felt alittle Tencha and Metal Gear in this game!!!!

eyeDEVOUR1106d ago

Im with you all the way bro... These idiots here apparently never played the ps1 tomb raiders...

It does look like a good game but i wont buy it because they are just milking on the name of tomb raider which is a disservice to the franchise...

TheXgamerLive1106d ago

I love you Sony fans and how you bless us with your biased impressions and running into EVERY Xbox post to comment.
Because we all know that ANYTHING good in an Xbox game was copied from a Sony game, nevermind that uncharted was copied after the original TombRaider.

Yes the Sony fan. You continue to belittle yourselves in the gaming community.

What's that? Did you hear that? Someone just made some positive post about SCALEBOUND, sick em boys. Its just an FF clone to you anyways, right?

_-EDMIX-_1106d ago

??? What does that have to do with anything? This game is coming to PC, XONE, 360 and PS4....

Who said anything about Scalebound but you?

Bud your post is Off-topic.

TheXgamerLive1106d ago (Edited 1106d ago )

Ahhh thanks eddy, another Sony fan ruining another Xbox post and you obviously don't get my point nor actually read the post.

And, as of right now its exclusive to MS nothing OFFICIAL has been said otherwise.

eyeDEVOUR1106d ago

Dude dont flatter yourself so much.. I give a fuck less about how much you love your hardware... Im a 35year old man who was playing the originals before you probably even held a controller. Some of us that are fans of the original series are just unhappy with where its going... I thought the last game was good but not what i know as tomb raider...i have the same opinion about this game as well. Im not gonna stop from commenting on a game that is only timed exclusive just to spare your insecure feelings..we have every right to have an opinion and even express it if we want... Grow up,stop being offended and stop thinking you are entitled to everyone's respect..

OrangePowerz1106d ago (Edited 1106d ago )

It's not an Xbox game to set the record straight in the first place. The PC version has already been given a release time frame and Square already said that it will release on PS4 late next year. So no it's not an Xbox game and your paranoia that people say not only super positive things about it because they are all Sony fanboys is incorrect.

Sure Uncharted did take inspiration from other games including TR but it didn't feel like a complete copy of those other games, especially not since TR was going downhill for a few games before and after Uncharted came out when Eidos tried to modernise the series and failed. So yes it's inspired by TR, but the TR reboot feels a lot more like UC than UC felt like the original TR games. TR was originally about, well... raiding tombs, exploration lot's and lot's of puzzles and platforming. Uncharted is a lot more about action. So yes the concept of some persion trying to find a long lost treasure and has to overcome obstacles to find the treasure is inspire by the original TR and that in turn was inspired by other games and movies like Indiana Jones, but they didn't look and feel exactly the same as the other works they got inspiration from.

As for the stealth section. That looked pretty much like TLoU, from how to distract enemies to how items are crafted and the icon used for the nail bomb is a slightly different version. The only thing missing was a fungus Zombie.

snoopgg1106d ago

Yeah, but lets not forget what console the original Tombraider debuted. I seem to remember the Sony PS1 as the console it got its start on. Uncharted and tombraider have some same game elements, but are different in their own rights. Hell, if you want to get pitty patty about it, Tombraider copied of of Pitfall. lol!!!!

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ABizzel11106d ago

This is what they should have shown at E3, much better than the avalanche fight.


I agree with everything you said, at this point it seems like they're doing everything they can to make Tomb Raider a Naughty Dog game.

What they showed was impressive, but it looks like it could have been taken straight from TLoU.

Tomb Raider came first, but Uncharted did it better...much better, and it's nice to see Tomb Raider looking top tier again, but this could have been a new IP at this point, because it's nothing like the old Tomb Raiders.

Still a great looking game though.

PistolsAtDawn1106d ago

You're kidding yourself. This game looks FANTASTIC, hell EVERYTHING MS showed today looks fantastic while we're at it.

It's ridiculous to compare this game to UC and TLoU on several levels....
First: Both those games are good you not want more good games?
Second: The comparison is weak at best...UC copying TR makes it sound weird when later you say TR copies UC...wouldn't it make more sense that they both learn from each other and both keep getting better? Just because they are all third person games with trees doesn't mean they are all the same.
Third: Based on what we know....TR actually seems to be the best of the three right now....exploration, upgradablity, stealth, survival aspect, open world, puzzles (not just gunplay), and ACTUAL TOMBS, TR looks like it has the best gameplay to while I'm looking forward to UC4...comparing it to TR just seems dumb right now.

Obscure_Observer1106d ago (Edited 1106d ago )

IGN thinks is more like MGS

Obscure_Observer1106d ago


Jesus man... no offence to you, but you sound really desperate.

You´re REALLY trying too hard to downplay this game.

It´s just an action-packed portion of the game, no need to make such a drama out of it. And there´s all the contradiction in your own words with all that ND games comparissons.

The exploration and puzzles are there. Just don´t expect to be the focus of the game. I don´t fix if it´s not broken.

If you are THAT disapointed with this game, can´t you give it a rest?

All that talk and I´M POSITIVE that i´m about to see you again on the next X1´s Rise of the Tomb Raider article. So why do you even bother to come to EVERY ROTR topic to spill such nonsense?

Again, i understand that it is not the Tomb Raider you used to love from the Saturn/PS1 days, but, if that´s the case, just get over it and move on. Let the fans of the Reboot enjoy this amazing game in peace. ;)

OT: Really enjoy the video and i´m happy that Lara´s still true to her newfound hunter/survival instincts. She´s fierce and ruthless as the same time she has that innocent and fragile look. Think i´m in love *_*

November is goin to be EPIC!!!

reallyNow1106d ago

It's multiplat, nobody cares about the XB1, it's not the subject at hand. Calm down. This Tomb Raider looks like it's not a Tomb Raider game. Perhaps you hadn't swam your way to your mother's ovum yet, but when the first Tomb Raider games came out they were unique, challenging, and had a bunch of suspense. If this new one plays anything like the last one, its not a Tomb Raider game. No sweat off my balls, as I have zero intention on playing another not-Tomb-Raider Tomb Raider.

Obscure_Observer1105d ago (Edited 1105d ago )


I been gaming since the atari days, man. And i enjoyed Tomb Raider when it first debut on Saturn then Playstaion and it´s EXCLUSIVES sequels that Sony money-hated just like MS with this sequel.

Some games just evolved and that´s the case right here!

Cristal Dynamics`s Tomb Raider Reboot is the second best rated Tomb Raider game of all time, only the original one best it.

So why do you fix something that isn´t broken?

It´s not good to you? Fine. I´m certain that you´ll find something that suits you just fine out there.

You want to make your point? Do it by all means. It´s your right.

But when you enter several Xbox articles only to complain and make pointless comparissons between Tomb Raider and Uncharted/TLOU, you´re either desperate/bitter or just trolling.

Be well. ;)

reallyNow1106d ago

I agree. I also think that Uncharted 3 was a horrible turn away from what made the series great(though still a great game, it was a bad uncharted game). I'm hoping they pull it together with this new one.

Dinkleberg1011105d ago

Looks like a really good sequel, but i have to pass.
i cannot afford an xbox one, and im not ready to wait a year for this game honestly. atleast we have fallout 4 and uncharted 4 coming

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DarkOcelet1106d ago

Hopefully the level cap is big this time.

Overall this looks awesome.

scark921106d ago

People disagree that the level cap should be higher and that it looks good. Tut..