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Diggy at GameSpew writes: "You know how it is – you work all night, and when you work you don’t feel all right. And when things stop feeling all right (and everything is all right), some douchebag neighbour has a party going at 3 a.m. that’s keeping you awake! Well we’ve all been there, but in Party Hard you get to see what happens when you reach for the knife rather than the earplugs.

Party Hard is an indie arcade action game, whose single-level prototype (created for the last Global Game Jam) has lead the way for an upcoming full release this month. Looking at the preview of the initial level, it plays like a cross between Hotline Miami and Hitman; it is a pixel-art, top-down murder-rampage simulator, but requires the slowed pace and methodical approach of killing without being noticed. You play as a skinny Jason Voorhees wannabe, whose persistent sleep loss at the hands of his party animal neighbours pushes him to unleash his pointy Freudian wrath on their throats. It’s a reac...

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