New Fallout 4 Video Teaches Us Why the Details Matter

EB: Bethesda has released a new video from E3 2015 that features Todd Howard being interviewed about Fallout 4. In particular, Mr. Howard dives into why the small details in the game matter so much, and how they help to create the level of immersion that the Fallout games have been known for.

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Phoenix761082d ago

Roll on November 10th :-D

Ocsta1082d ago

Longest 3 months of my life.

Ripco_Keller1082d ago

I'm glad they were able to spring it on us so close to the release date. I'd rather wait a few months than a few years.

Ocsta1082d ago

Yeah if they announced it a year ago I would have killed myself. Or asked to be put in a coma.

Omnisonne1081d ago

I somehow find 3 months to be frighteningly close..
Come to think of it, Fallout 4's E3 presentation was already 2 months ago. It's closing in fast :D

Randostar1082d ago

SO glad i got my PIPBOY edition snagged!

Germany71082d ago

With Fallout 4 and Persona 5, i will spend a lot of time playing.

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