Purchasing Just Cause 3 On Xbox One Gives You Access To Just Cause 2 Through Backwards Compatibility

Today at Gamescom 2015 during Microsoft’s conference it was announced that if you purchase and play Just Cause 3 on Xbox One you will get Just Cause 2 for free to play on Xbox One via backwards compatibility.

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t-hall7851143d ago

Definitely starting to like this trend. DOWN.WITH.REMASTERS!!!

christocolus1143d ago

MS knew what they were doing when they announced this feature (BC). as time goes by more and more devs will support it.

lemoncake1143d ago

Yeah great idea giving away past games when you buy the newest version.

PFFT1143d ago (Edited 1143d ago )

A much better and sweeter deal than wasting your money on Playstation Now thats for damn sure!

Whitey2k1143d ago

PFFT do u believe everything is a waste on ps platforms? I'm positive if sony changed it to yearly then they don't need to have bc

Death1143d ago


An annual subscription isn't any different than a monthly one. The subscription service is missing many of the big name titles and is a small sample of the games available for rent. Not many people actually subscribe so they miss this little bit of information that actually makes a big difference.

r2oB1143d ago

@ death

Isn't that the same with BC, not every game will be compatible? So what's the difference of Ps Now now having every title available and BC not working with every titles?

On topic: BC will definitely sway some people to buy the Xbox One version of a game if it comes with the prior releases at no cost. Especially if people never played the game or want to revisit it. It's a nice perk. But why not also include the first Just Cause?

lemoncake1143d ago

@r20B every 360 game is compatible with Xbox one BC, retail, digital and even DLC. Just cause 2 was much better received and a much better game overall than the first one, maybe that is why.

Death1143d ago


Every game is compatible with the emulator. The only thing keeping a game off is permission from the publisher. We haven't heard of any publisher blocking a game yet, but we have seen multiple publishers giving away digital copies as incentive to buy their new games.

As for PSNow, the subscription service is what is limited. There are many games not included in the subscription that you can still rent.

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iTechHeads1143d ago (Edited 1143d ago )

This has nothing to do with remasters. You will still get those.
Just look at what came out a few weeks ago: Gears Of War Remastered.

This week we just got a Rare Collection.(which is again a collection of remastered old games)

(People, its a remaster, even in the games feature description Amazon they call it a Remaster. Nowhere in there do they call it a Remake because it really isn't. A real remake wouldn't have been sold for $40.)

""Original Gears of War is remastered in 1080P and modernized for Xbox One including support for 7.1 Surround Sound.""

""Stunningly Remastered and Modernized for Xbox One.""

These are both quotes from the description on Amazon and Microsoft themselves.

t-hall7851143d ago (Edited 1143d ago )

No gears was reMADE. No problem with a remake at all. Just those up res'd cash grabs (remasters). Take some time out to remake it or give me BC.

Besides 30 games for 30 bucks is a deal any way you slice it. More of those too!!!

shloobmm31143d ago

Gear rebuilt all 3000 of its assets while adding new lighting and effects and redoing all the cutscenes. Huge difference between that and an upres. Also Gears of War Ultimate Edition hasn't come out yet. You are confusing it with God of War on Ps4.

donthate1143d ago

Marketing terms are a little fuzzy, but saying "remake" doesn't have the same ring as "remaster" or "port".

If you look at what has been done to various games, it is clear that Gears of War:UE is one hell of a remade game.

Compare that to a lazy port of God of War 3 with literally almost nothing done to the game. You are basically getting the same game at 1080p at 60fps. That's it!

The Rare collection is more like a port (and in some instances just BC), but it is a collection of 30-games for $30 is an amazing price point for it.

Death1143d ago (Edited 1143d ago )

It's nice to have choice.

You can play Gears free from your stockpile of 360 discs via b/c.

You can buy the remaster with upgraded graphics and get all the Gears games free to play via b/c.

You can buy the original games off the Live Marketplace and play them via b/c.

You can even buy the games used at your favorite gamestore and play them free thru b/c.

Deals like the one listed here are awesome if you missed the previous games the first time around.

meanthyme1143d ago

Its ok to be hurt and upset, but at least ps4 has more sales, that should comfort you.

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Sonyslave31143d ago

Hell yeah this is a nice thing we got going on here.

DillyDilly1143d ago

What about the first one ?

Rookie_Monster1143d ago

I think I might be buying most of my Third party games on XB1 now because of these nice BC extras. Never played the second Just cause and this is definitely an awesome marketing and fan service from MS and it's partner.

SuperStatePro1143d ago (Edited 1143d ago )

And...there you go. This is how MS takes care of the whole "3rd party game run better on ps4" thing..

FlexLuger1143d ago

Niiice! I never played the second one but was going to buy just cause 3 anyway. This is a nice bonus.

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