Xbox Exclusive Scalebound gets Gamescom 2015 Screenshots

Screenshots for Scalebound have been released.

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quaneylfc839d ago

Can you use the dragon?

Or is it The Last Guardian-style AI?

I would like to control the dragon, i know you can ride it so you must be able to fight with it...

Sonyslave3839d ago

It most probably going to be like Dragoon 3 Ai were the Dragon will fight on it own and the only time u can control it when you're riding it.

3-4-5839d ago

* You guide the Dragon in a Direction....It even shows up on screen as that Red redicle.

quaneylfc839d ago (Edited 839d ago )

:( i did see that but I'm asking if there is more than just that.

Games are cool, controlling a dragon as a weapon is very cool but why does every modern dev think this is a bad thing?

It happened with Dragon Age, Skyrim and now this. Can we not BE the dragon for once instead of making a game that can compete against the directions of The Last Guardian's creator, it looks that way from this demo anyway?

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Lon3wolf839d ago

Looks good, is it my browser or are there only small shots there?

Lon3wolf839d ago

Ah cool cheers, only just upgraded to 10 so had to ask.