gamescom 2015: Get Rolling with Cobalt

As part of Microsoft's gamescom presentation, Mojang just unveiled a new game! Take a look at what the Minecraft developer will be getting up to next.

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-Foxtrot1078d ago

Really? Another game by them

How about they start adding more features in Minecraft

The updates take ages to come out and when they finally do come out they don't really add much. I mean we are just getting dual wielding now in the new update, something like that should have been in months ago.

It's coming to the point now where Minecraft clones seem to update their games more and have included more stuff for you to do. Take Dragon Age Builders for example, the small trailer we saw of that seemed to have more content in that then Minecraft.

I know it's a 2D game but Terraria, updates sometimes take a while but when they come they are packed with content.

KarmaV121078d ago

This is nothing new. They've been working on it for years now.

wakeNbake1078d ago (Edited 1078d ago )

I suspect after this we will see a
Minecraft MMORPG.