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BigBosss1112d ago

LMAO anyone else thought that was Gamescom conference xD

UKmilitia1112d ago

haha i though it was a camera at back of roomto start with lol

starchild1112d ago

Yeah, for a second I did too.

This was a really great trailer. I have been eagerly looking forward to this since it was first revealed. I'm glad to see it looks on track to be a really great game. Graphics are very nice too.

Ace Killa 081112d ago (Edited 1112d ago )

Anyone wondering here's the first trailer.

The newest IMO grabs you more.

darren_poolies1112d ago

I actually loved the first Homefront so very excited for this.

coreyweb1112d ago

The story is cool and interesting. The multiplayer was terrible though.

mafiahajeri1112d ago

I remember I couldn't even join a game, but the time I did it was not that bad.

darren_poolies1112d ago

I thought the MP was okay it was more the SP I enjoyed though, quite a lot.

WellyUK1112d ago

The MP was it's best part it was fantastic game online it's SP was utter crap though, what are you people on?

pumpactionpimp1112d ago

Wow, coming 2015? Ive been waiting for a sequel. How did I not catch wind of this?

PockyKing1112d ago

No, MP beta is coming at the end of this year. Full game doesn't release until next year.

pumpactionpimp1112d ago

The trailer ace linked above says, "coming 2015". Regardless im just happy its getting a sequel. I did like the first one, even with its deficiencies.

PockyKing1112d ago

Ah, I see. Yea, the game was announced last year, and was being developed by Crytek. Then Crytek had money problems, and sold the game / IP off to Deep Silver who created an in-house studio, Dambuster Studios, to develop the game, delaying the release from this year to next year.

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