NBA 2K16: Tony Parker on the French Cover, 25 Euroleague Teams Confirmed

San Antonio Spurs point guard Tony Parker will appear on the cover of the French version of NBA 2K16, 2K France announced today on Twitter.

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ahmexxxx932d ago

2K can expand their fan base and sell more copies by adding International teams instead of Euroleague.

NBA2KUpdates932d ago

They can't because EA Sports currently owns the exclusive rights to FIBA. Yea if 2K Sports could only get the FIBA license, that would be awesome!

ahmexxxx932d ago

NBA Live? That game is a joke. The physics sucks. The only thing they got right is the graphics, which is far superior than 2K.

natanael03931d ago

Parker has been on the cover of NBA Live (FR) for 5 years. I remember he even said that he loved playing Live and it's the best basketball video game ever. I wonder how would he feel right now! LOL