Xbox One Chat Pad Announced, Adds Clip Sharing and Screenshot Functionality to Game Pad

Xbox One players will soon be able to purchase a nifty little add-on for their Xbox One consoles, though there may be a sense of de-ja-vu


Release date and pricing added to article.

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Septic838d ago

Day one buy from me! I used my 360 one to death. VERY useful feature

slate91838d ago

And with added functions it makes it a must have for everyone

Animal Mutha 76838d ago

THANK YOU MS! You really are listening to your fans!!

About time. The chat pad was an essential addition for my 360.

Immediate purchase no questions asked.

Shazz838d ago (Edited 838d ago )

Great addition :) a wee wireless headset wouldn't go a miss either ;)

crazychris4124838d ago

About time, was tired of double tapping the guide button for clips.

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