gamescom 2015: DVR for Over-the-Air TV Coming to Xbox One

During their Gamescom briefing this morning, Microsoft has just announced that DVR functionality is coming to Xbox One.

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iceicelandic1082d ago

The XBOX one is adding nice features. I had an XBOX One and I sold it because of few things that annoyed me, if Microsoft would fix those thing I would gladly get one again.

* It's too big and has a power brick.
* The language of the system is region locked.
* Friends, I don't have any friends on XBox but I guess that's my problem.

raggy-rocket1082d ago

Why get one in the first place? Surely you knew those things beforehand?

iceicelandic1082d ago

It was a christmas present from work :D

raggy-rocket1082d ago

Boy if that's what you get from work, where do I apply

donthate1082d ago

So your problem is with the console size and power brick?


That made you sell it?

The language is an issue for some, and that is hopefully going to be fixed with the next dashboard, but those are minor things. I would be way more concerned if there is no content, but so far it seems MS is really pushing 2015 and 2016 content.


pelenow1082d ago

Finally. Not sure why this was not day 1 thing, but at least it is happening.

DougLord1082d ago

100 X360 games.
Free DVR with support for infinite external storage.
PC to Xone streaming (and less excitingly Xone to PC).
20x the computational power via Cloud in CD3.
4 player Coop in Scalebound.

Seriously - best conference EVER!

Unreal011082d ago

Lol you're easily pleased.

raggy-rocket1082d ago

Yeah cus those things are so minor:

Most requested feature supported by multiple big publishers, games with gold are all back compat and big new games come packaged with the previous entries to draw newcomers

Xbox allows you to record more than you are limited to in the confines of your cable/Sky box etc.

PC to Xbox one streaming is absolutely huge, requires no explanation.

20x the computational power with the cloud, contradicting people who said it'd be used for nothing more than servers and in game AI

4 player co-op in a great looking new game from an EXTREMELY well known and loved developer

Yeah that was a really lackluster conferences

DougLord1082d ago (Edited 1082d ago )

He's right. My list is too small. Halo 5, F6, RoTR, QB, KI3, Halo Wars. Cities: Skylines, Train Simulator 2015 and Thimbleweed Park. Too bad Sea of Thieves and ReCore couldn't make it.

Nintendo also looks to have a strong presence.

And Sony has a Dragon Quest Heros expansion.. "an action-based RPG from the makers of Dynasty Warriors, set in the magical world of Dragon Quest." I love Dynasty Warriors and Dragon Quest!

forsaken13041082d ago

If all of this turns out true that is pretty sweet. The dvr thing is not a big deal for me my cable box is far better I can record 6 shows at once and it supports external hard drives as well as far as the cloud stuff goes I'm going to wait and see how that turns out I can aging people with crappy connections not getting the full advantage of it but we shall see. I could care less about backwards compatibility honestly most of the games I played and have no need to play again and if i do i have my old systems for that. And pc streaming I don't play many pc games and have no reason to ever stream to my pc so this is another thing i can see bein big for some people just not me I see this as Microsoft getting back into pc in some ways it feels like they are taking away a need for the xbox brand especially when most of their exclusives also launch on pc that coupled with recent interviews where they said they don't know about another home console just yet.but all we can do is sit back and enjoy the ride and see what happens

Yetter1082d ago

PC to XB1 streaming?? Where did you hear/see that?

forsaken13041082d ago

I thought the same thing after reading his post I looked more into these features are not as good as he makes them sound first they didn't confirm pc to xbox streaming they said they would like to do it but it would be alot of work. And as for the dvr feature it didn't say anywhere in any article I read about being able to store shows on an external hard drive and it says it's limited to free to air programming

hades071082d ago

If Microsoft keeps adding features consistently at this rate next year it'll start cooking dinner for me.

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