A Quick Look at the Mafia Series Ahead of the Mafia III Gamescom Reveal

OnlySP: Gamescom will be here in mere hours, and the staff at OnlySP are looking forward to quite a few titles, including Rise of the Tomb Raider, Quantum Break, Halo 5 and more. For a few of us though, the most exciting official reveal will be that of of Mafia III, set for August 5th on Youtube.

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mafiahajeri1077d ago

I hope it's a gameplay trailer and not some cgi crap, I'm afraid it'll be the latter though.

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Ausbo1077d ago

I can not Wait. I hope this is a mid summer 2016 game. Cause spring and fall already are looking crowded.

crazychris41241077d ago

Just finished playing through Mafia 2 with the story dlc. Story, characters, destruction were all great. For a 5 year old game the graphics still look great. They also did a great job making it feel like you were a gangster during the 40s n 50s.

However the game has some serious flaws. First of all its not a true open world game. After you beat a mission all you can do is drive to your home and sleep, get food to replenish health, restock on ammo or get in shootouts with the cops, thats it. The dlc throw in some car theft and other fetch quests that get boring real fast. Game should be a true open world game with interesting side quests. Car thefts, hits, extortion, shipment robberies, smuggling goods, drug deals, and more. Then when we are high up in the organization we should start building an empire. Buying up bars, gambling houses, strip joints, cathouses, docks, and more. You would have to defend your property from rival gangs and you can even customize your properties too. Could be cosmetic things like paint, flooring and more or it could be adding guards, armory room so its easier to defend it. Bribing police and other government officials should decrease the response time and effectiveness when you break a law. Also for the love of god can we have fast travel. Its boring having to drive all over the map instead of using fast travel to cut the travel time significantly. Another problem is there is not that much customization. For a car you can change the paint, rims, and license plate and buy 3 upgrades that boost the handling and speed. Since 3 is taking place in the 60s and 70s then we need to customize the cars even more. Clothing was rather limited too. I think you had 3 options in the 40s and 3 options in the 50s. Thats way too low for a game like this.

Lets hope we get a demo tomorrow instead of some CG crap that leaves us with more questions then answers.