Microsoft Confirms The Amount Of Games That Will Be Backwards Compatible At Launch

Microsoft annouced today at their Xbox Gamescom conference the amount of games that will be backwards compatible ready for their November 2015 public. launch.

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slate911078d ago

Just installed my first bc title gears 1 last night. I'm surprised by how easy and streamlined the process was. Didn't run into a single problem.

DougLord1078d ago

Lucky... Rest of us have to wait till November.

slate911078d ago

I can inv you to preview if you want? whats your gt

Kalebninja1078d ago

I don't see what's so "lucky" about getting to play a game that came out years ago.

Ripsta7th1078d ago

Yet we will see articles about how uncharted collection is once it releases
Because you know, N4G

Sitdown1077d ago


It's probably because you don't want to, but if you need assistance in seeing, just ask and we will help out.

Muzikguy1077d ago


I'm no fan of Microsoft or Xbox and even I thought that comment was in bad taste

Farmassy1077d ago

I just need to know when I can play Shadowrun on my xbox one. One of the best games of last gen and it was so underrated

Irishguy951077d ago

Well kale, its certainly better that PAYING for it again. You know...

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Browninator1078d ago

Hey, I'd appreciate it a lot if you could also invite me to the preview, I've been so bored lately, my gamertag is Tj Gold Live

No Way1077d ago

If I could, could I get one, as well? :P


76erz241078d ago

It must be nice to be a preview member....

jojo3191077d ago

I can invite you. Let me know by sending me a friend request. You can only invite friends. Gamer tag is Kickasstrophe

hiawa231078d ago

Yeah, it works quite nicely.


@kalebninja not like they have anything else to play, rare replay? oh wait...

kaizokuspy1077d ago

Remasters are great because they offer old games with better framers or graphical fidelity. Rare replay is great bc it gives those today a taste of what gaming meant to us who started then. However this BC thing to me just isnt worth it. It's cool on the surface, but if anyone asked me to play gears 1 or 2 today or any x360 title I own I'd say no thanks. I prefer remasters to BC. Idk, BC is great for those who want it, but I just will never utilize it on any console.

LastNewtStandin1077d ago


I see your points and have some of my own,
I never played gears judgement or just cause 2,

Back compat gives me both of those for free when I buy the more recent releases and there will no doubt be other games that i missed the last generation that I could now likely buy for a fraction of the cost.

Yes it's older generation games but true gamers play to experience fantastic games / stories etc and not just because its on the most recent tech.

The fact that these games are being bundled with new games is very smart, Some will buy the old DLC to make a little money for the devs but most will choose to experience these features completely free.

Also every games with gold freebie for xbox360 is confirmed to be backwards compatible increasing the amount of new (to me) games i can play for free.

And lets not forget I can play those games in co op & multiplayer with xbox360 gamers and use the 360 dashboard to talk to old friends etc.

This isn't just backwards compatible games, The whole console is virtually on my xbox one. Not even considering cross play with win10 and cross buy games its a huge amount of features for free.

What a time to be a gamer.

babadivad1077d ago

Yo, can you invite me as well. Wehttam Divad

blady_man1077d ago

U cand send me one too thanks!! Thall be great!!

Angerfist1077d ago

gladbecker82 is my GT
Please invite and add me. Thank you very much.

siphil1077d ago

I would very much appreciate an invite to to the preview if possible. gamertag is siphil82. thanks in advance :-)

alanwake181077d ago

Dude I hate to ask but if your feeling up to it I would kill to be a preview member. My gamer tag is greendayfan18

KiwiViper851077d ago

Is anyone else feeling overwhelmed by the thought of all these games, not enough time?

Joel22111077d ago

Would you be willing to invite me to the program? If so my Gamertag is Joel Arocho.

edsmack1077d ago (Edited 1077d ago )

Was this a disc based game or downloaded digital copy of the Gears of war game?

LastNewtStandin1077d ago

It's both :)

If you own gears of war on disc then put it into your xbox one and it will download the digital version.

If you already own Gears 1 digitally then scroll to my games and apps on xbox one and the game will be listed as ready to download.

Currently you need to be a preview member, otherwise it's coming in November to everyone.

GoPanthers9991077d ago

I had TS Cold War from GwG in 2012. Did not play it until recently on my X1, it works and plays great. Cannot wait for more!

Make sure to grab the good GwG titles, because most will probablly be backward compatible.

KiwiViper851076d ago

It was actually announced that all titles going forward will be backward compatible. So grab them all.

IPremier1077d ago

hey mate. I doubt you will come back to this thread, but if you do can you invite me as well? My gamertag is: 'L P R E M L E R'

we4201077d ago

Can you please inv me gt is: we420


lowkey100111077d ago

Could you invite me to the preview?

otherZinc1077d ago


You can also play multiplayer, I tested it out yesterday.

I'll play Campaign Co-op today.

bbad1077d ago

Could you please invite me to the preview?
My gamer tag is Badr8

Browninator1074d ago

I got the invite and now I'm enrolled, thanks man these next four weeks of summer holidays are going to be a lot more fun!

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Immorals1078d ago

Looking forward to playing through Alan wake, never got to finish it before I gave my 360 to a friend!

Shuckylad1078d ago

Wish I was a friend of yours. Free consoles, nice.

Immorals1078d ago

He had no consoles, I felt bad for him!

XanderZane1077d ago

Yeah, I need to play through those games as well. I also want to play Halo Wars now as well. I have like zero space left on my XBox 360, so being able to play them on my XB1 that has 4TB of space is a plus for me.

raWfodog1078d ago

There's no denying that BC can only be a positive. Even though I still have my 360, it will be convenient not having to switch it out whenever I want to catch up on older titles.

elarcadia1078d ago

My Xbox 360 is going on being 8 years old, and Iknow eventually it will go out. It is so nice to know I will not have to buy another console to play the majority of my physical Xbox 360 library! Another plus in my book.

ninsigma1078d ago

Especially when the whole gears series is free if you get the ultimate edition!!

iTechHeads1078d ago

Most titles will neve be compatible though, mostly on 1st party games and 3rd party partnered titles such as Fallout 3. Sure its a nice feature but people completely overhype the future ignoring how limited it is.

UnHoly_One1077d ago

Maybe because we have no way of knowing how limited it will be or won't be?

You're assuming the worst, which is fine, but there is no reason to believe you are correct.

I think you're going to end up surprised.

KiwiViper851077d ago

Did you see the list or publishers that have given consent? It wasn't a list of indie developers.

Ravenor1077d ago

This being so different from the 360 BC, the number will at least be much larger and much more expansive than the 360 OG Xbox backwards compatibility. You're stating absolutes without knowing any details whatsoever. I'm also curious as to how this is being overhyped; It's free, It was unexpected and things like being offered 4 free games with Gears Remaster, 2 with Siege and F3 with F4 are great incentives for buying the XB1 version without holding back content for one platform or another.

jrshankill1077d ago

I like that all future GWG on 360 will also be backwards compatible. Double the games!

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TotalSynthesisX1078d ago

Was hoping Reach would be available prior to October 27th so I could play all the Halo games in chronological order leading up to Halo 5's release. Oh well, at least I still have my 360.

KiwiViper851077d ago (Edited 1077d ago )

I was trying the same thing but with just MCC, having only played 1, lucky me right?

Don't hate me, but I forced myself through 1 & 2, can't bring myself to boot up 3.

Is 3 where the series gets good? Or is Halo just not my thing? I just felt so bored while playing.

TotalSynthesisX1077d ago

If you found the gameplay boring, then I can understand. The older Halos were fairly bare-bones from a gameplay perspective.

If it was the story that made you bored, well... I guess it's just not your thing. But hey, at least you tried it. Some people like to bash things they've never even tried *coughn4gcollectivelycough*

Ravenor1077d ago

The older Halo's are truly a couple games caught within the limitations of the hardware and time. Halo 1/2 at the time of release were revelations (From a console perspective). The splitscreen, the campaign coop and with Halo 2 the MP party system was really ahead of its time.

Halo 3 is better than H1/H2 but if you're playing by yourself and nothing about Halo 1 or 2 caught you, I'd just duck out now.

KiwiViper851077d ago (Edited 1077d ago )

Thanks for the rational advice Guys.

I've been wanting to ask this for a while, but feared being disagreed and bubbled down for trolling, haha.

I'm gonna keep MCC in my collection to at least give 3 a go. One day.

Thanks again.

hiawa231078d ago

Awesome news, although I still have my 360, so will continue playing on that but great news for those who don't, or just want to use the X1s features to play 360 games, plus your gamesaves also comes over thanks to the cloud, so it is easy to jump from X1 to 360 and never lose your place.