Gamescom 2015 Shows off Scalebound

After two other quick announcements, Scalebound hit the stage from Platinum Games. Stepping up to discuss it, they quickly said it was the biggest game that Platinum had ever worked on and that they were excited for it.

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UnHoly_One1144d ago

Looks great.

My only complaint is that I could do without the sword swipe effects that cover the entire width of the screen.

Other than that minor thing, looks sweet.

christocolus1144d ago

Lol. Its Kamiya. Remember that sp move in bayonetta ,the one where a huge leg covers half of the screen? lol

UnHoly_One1144d ago

Yeah I know. lol

And after about a few minutes I'll likely never notice it again, it just seems unnecessary.

Game looks sweet, though, and co-op is always a huge plus!

BlackTar1871144d ago

Different then i expected. Looks good although it feels like a capcom game to me for some reason.

scark921144d ago

Monster Hunter perhaps?

DougLord1144d ago

Looks like a great game BUT.....

The main character is clearly a DOUCHE. Beats headphones with a sword? Those smart a$$ quips when stuff is trying to kill you. Sorry - I'm 40. I need a character that goes around telling all those young punk dragons to pull their pants up!

Also looks like too much of a beat'em up. Like SSOD. I would prefer to kill the TECH angle and go full RPG. I don't want a sword and grenades. I want to be able to cast fireballs.

Eldyraen1144d ago

I'm not a fan of the way he looks (contemporary clothes/headphones) myself as the enemies here or more historical/fantasy oriented (armored humans) but if there is a reason I can live with it.

Otherwise I liked everything else about it but it isn't what I expected either. It's a platinum game so wasn't expecting it to be normal though.

OpieWinston1144d ago

From the Synopsis it sounds like he's transported to this world... Kind of like Inuyasha so he's not supposed to be there.

cfc831144d ago

Dragons dogma meets sunset overdrive was my initial reaction.

1144d ago
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