Arkane Studios on Dishonored 2's Emily: A finesse character, differs from Corvo

Back in 2012, Bethesda Softworks and Arkane Studios released a brand-new IP called Dishonored. The game told a very unique story inside of the fictional city of Dunwall, and introduced a new character named Corvo Attano.

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-Foxtrot1147d ago

Surely though Corvo will get new powers aswell and not just keep the same ones from the last game

DarkOcelet1147d ago (Edited 1147d ago )

Honestly even if they didn't give him more abilities it would be okay as Emily will be different but hopefully he age doesn't slow him down because he was a pretty agile character too and hopefully he stays the same.

That said... Day 1

camel_toad1147d ago

Yeh no way theyll neglect Corvo. He'll have some new powers but I already know at the bare minimum Ill have 2 playthroughs, one as corvo and one as emily. Definitely one of my favorite IPs of last gen.

morganfell1147d ago

And so underrated as well.

Saijahn1147d ago

Corvo has new abilities as well. That was reported when the game was revealed a few weeks back.

aquaticDonut1147d ago

I think I'm probably going to be playing as her primarily. Sounds more my style.