gamescom 2015: Fight as One with Your Dragon in Scalebound

Microsoft is rocking the house it at its Gamescom press conference in Cologne. They just showcased the first trailer of Scalebound, by Platinum Games.

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Genuine-User1080d ago (Edited 1080d ago )

It looked really rough. We'll see how it looks and performs come E3 next year.

scark921080d ago

They need to improve animations on the character. Looked fine overall.

I_am_Batman1080d ago

Yeah the game isn't finished yet. I agree the animation need some improvement but the game looks awesome for sure. Didn't know it was RPGish. Kinda looks like a mixture of DmC, Final Fantasy and Horizon which is awesome in my book. This and Quantum Break make me want to buy an Xbox One.

Genuine-User1080d ago (Edited 1080d ago )

The animations, framerate and voice over need some serious work.

First 30fps game by Platinum?

Bansai1080d ago

FFXV demo on PS4 runs similarly (I own only ps4 along with that demo), early versions, no need to fuss over it.

breakpad1080d ago

it looks fine ...bizzare mash up ...but generally good

christocolus1080d ago

Agreed. i think animation needs more polish but this ign first extended gameplay vid is a lot smoother.

fiveby91080d ago

Game has potential but perhaps too early to know final product. However, I thought the voice acting was terrible. Also, why was the character they showed wearing headphones around his neck. That seemed strange.

Sono4211080d ago

Things I like.. the combat (your character) the world and the fact that you put on your headphones to give the amp up music.. but omg the framerate.. I realize it's early but omg it was killing me... I don't think i've ever seen a game look that rough for a reveal? Almost looked like it was struggling to run? but either way.. i'll hold off judgement until later..

But omg there are some ideas that I really hope they implement.. for instance... I watched the extended version on IGN and later when he got into a another fight sequence he put back on his headphones and the same song was playing... ugh :/ It would be AWESOME if they kinda let you customize or choose what songs come up.. (not real ones, well or maybe real ones.. not sure how I feel about that yet) and then have set new music for certain bosses and then you unlock that music after fighting the boss and could use it whenever you want after.. that'd be pretty cool.

The combat also looked pretty hype.. wasn't digging sending the dragon to go destroy the building just seemed very.. meh but the boss fight looked great! and in the extended version when the dragon helped him take out a good amount of enemies also looked nice, although I will say.. except for the boss it didn't really seem like he would have had to do much.. just send the dragon on everything and sit back.. but obviously the game will get more difficult so no need to worry... I could really see this game coming along into something amazing :)

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Zeref1080d ago (Edited 1080d ago )

What are you talking about. It looked freaking amazing.

Genuine-User1080d ago (Edited 1080d ago )

*What are you talking about. It looked freaking rough.

Ever read an opinion before?

Magicite1080d ago

Pretty cool concept, they said its action/rpg, so kinda like FF15?

MrSwankSinatra1080d ago

I thought it looked good being that it's still a year and half, maybe even two years (if it gets delayed) away from coming out. Though I must say I was kind of disappointed because I was expecting it to be a action game rather than an Action-RPG.

Manic20141080d ago

I think that's maybe why Kamiya had that outburst on Twitter. Maybe he wanted to show a live demo and MS wanted a pre-recorded demo. Also as most the demo's shown today were pre-recorded except for Scalebound.

AngelicIceDiamond1080d ago

It started off a little slow but it picked up and it looks great.

My top X1 game.

Of course the build will be a little rough right now the game is still a year away.

The game shaping up nicely nonetheless.

3-4-51080d ago

Looks pretty decent so far.

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StrayaKNT1080d ago (Edited 1080d ago )

Looks absolutely brilliant 4 player co op wow this game looks amazing

joab7771080d ago

Kinda reminds me of lost planet a way.

Is this gonna be xbone's answer for Horizon. Very cool indeed. Hopefully all the internal strife is overblown.

Magicite1080d ago

scalebound was announced before horizon, so it wasnt intended as answer I guess.

Godmars2901080d ago (Edited 1080d ago )

Just hated that the kid wouldn't shut up. That it came off as scripted.

And look who's changing.

nX1080d ago

And these ridiculous headphones man, as if they wanted to appeal to the hipster crowd lol

Zeref1080d ago

Didn't know headphones are for hipsters now. I wonder if you had anything to say about bayonetta characters. Now THOSE were ridiculous.

LightofDarkness1080d ago

Hipsters wouldn't be found dead in beats style headphones. Think you might be confusing hipsters with tossers.

Zeref1080d ago

I love characters like that. The cocky teenage brat.

Magicite1080d ago

dont bash me, but it looked too americanish, coming from Japanese developer.

slate911080d ago

Blown away! 4 Player coop and the gameplay is just what I was hoping for! Definitely best in the show so far

Godmars2901080d ago

Have to wait until you see how/if/when you control the dragon. If it just does what it wants when you're not on it, then what's the point?

slate911080d ago

You didn't see him giving orders to destroy the buildings and attack the monster? 0_0

OpieWinston1080d ago

Kamiya on stage it's a free roam world where you can explore on foot or on the back of a dragon.

He gave it orders.

And you could see that there is multiple locations when "Grasslands" pops up on the right.

Godmars2901080d ago

But did *YOU* give the order though a controller, or did it just happen because it was scripted.

slate911080d ago

I thought he aimed at the buildings and it showed a circle or reticule thing appear as if he pressed a button. Like click the thumbstick or something.

Godmars2901080d ago

Yeah. There's a target reticule. I stand corrected.

Irishguy951080d ago

I hope you can fly it too all those other islands around. That would sell me this game.

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