Crackdown gamescom 2015 Trailer Debuts Gameplay

Microsoft’s 2016 lineup is already looking mighty impressive, with Scalebound and Quantum Break leading the charge for new IP. It’s not all new properties, though, as Microsoft is also bringing back Crackdown, a series that was introduced during the Xbox 360 era

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Concertoine1145d ago

I thought it looked a little too samey at first, but then that destruction, holy crap!

Septic1145d ago

Power of the cloud right there mate

1145d ago
gosukyomomma1145d ago

we will see the real power of the cloud when it goes global with millions of people connecting and disconnecting simultaneously, Im still skeptical of this because i work in networking and to pull this off without any frequent hitches to the player is a massive task!
I wonder what the minimum transfer speed is for this game because i doubt anyone under with a 10Mbps will be playing this lol

GearsdoodooBruh1145d ago


I don't blame you. The "secret sauce" might be too much for you guys to handle. Two years of making fun of MS and "teh cloud" for nothing.

gosukyomomma1145d ago

@ gears

Lol you donut no not secret sauce just 5 years hard studying and understanding how networks, routing switching and cloud networking works. Like i said if ms can pull this off - with no issues i will be amazed and surprised on many things, if it doesnt work then its ok they will build and improve upon it and eventually it will work but given how the current internet is today with its fluctations in different speeds, routing paths etc i know how hard it will be for it to work perfectly. You never will because your just a fanboy who goes off pr talk lol.

SilentNegotiator1145d ago

Tell that to Red Faction: Guerrilla, which came out an entire 6 years ago.

Septic1145d ago (Edited 1145d ago )

Lmao! Red Faction?? Oh dear.... The game had minor destruction at the tiniest scale in comparison! Yeah a desolate mars with some skeletal buildings really is a good point of comparison....

What game this gen even comes close to having that kind of dynamic destruction??

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XanderZane1145d ago

100% destruction. I don't remember too many games where everything in the game could be destroyed. Power of the cloud. Can't wait to get this game. Want to know how many cities you have to clean up in this game. Hopefully we get more info on the story and different characters.

NukaCola1145d ago

There was that Red Faction TPS last gen I think that had nearly full destruction but this looks much better.

What happens when the world is completely destroyed?

Does this break the dynamics or flow of the game with collecting things, completing objectives etc?

Ashunderfire861145d ago

Just like what NukaCola said Red Faction Guerrilla! That game for its time had the most advance destructible physics in a game, and its still better than many next gen games physics including Battlefield 4. Crackdown has the complete destruction I really wanted, especially in Multiplayer! Preorder confirmed!

remixx1161145d ago

Fuqq did you guys see that????? Crackdown 3 looks nuts and bolts!!!! When does this release??

3-4-51145d ago

Was not expecting all these XB1 trailers today.

I like random days like this, no matter if it's for Sony,Microsoft or Nintendo.

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crazychris41241145d ago

The destruction is insane, didn't think we were going to get a game to top Just Cause 3's destruction so soon.

Neixus1145d ago (Edited 1145d ago )

What's so special about Just Cause 3's destruction? It's pre-calculated.

Meanwhile this game and Red Faction:Guerilla are the only games with true dynamic destruction.

Ashunderfire861145d ago

Just Cause 3 has dynamic destruction as well man.

BigBosss1145d ago (Edited 1145d ago )

looks pretty epic and thank God it doesn't have zombies and other crap like Crackdown 2!

akaFullMetal1145d ago

The destruction looks very nice, blowing up building and having that drop on other buildings making them fall. Looks fun.

BlackTar1871145d ago

Do we know if the buildings go back up when off screen?

Charybdis1145d ago (Edited 1145d ago )

Good question the map seemed large enough, maybe there will be an achievement for leveling all buildings in the entire map/server lol.

dcbronco1145d ago

Maybe it will be regional or mission based. Either each time you start a mission the city resets or it resets once you move to another region of the map.

Godz Kastro1145d ago

Fully destructible cities? Wow

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