Quantum Break Receives gamescom 2015 Gameplay Trailer

Microsoft’s gamescom presence is well known. The company is the only hardware manufactuerer to hold a press conference at the Germany event, showing off their upcoming lineup.

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76erz241142d ago

I see enormous franchise potential here. Definitely one of my most anticipated games of next year after that demo.

UKmilitia1142d ago

looks awesome,now when this releases i will have an excuse to buy a xb1.
is it using dx12?

Army_of_Darkness1142d ago

WOW. The first ever xbone game to visually impress me! well done Remedy!

UKmilitia1140d ago

why have i got disagrees?

GusBricker1142d ago

The live action series looks way better than I thought it would, too.

Is it April yet?

Zeref1142d ago Show
alb18991142d ago

oooo men is good to have both consoles!!!

christocolus1142d ago (Edited 1142d ago )


Julion07151142d ago

This and scale-bound I can't wait for these to drop

UKmilitia1142d ago

having just watched the scalebound it looks crap to me,isnt what i expected at all.

the guy is annoying and it just doenst fit together imo.
i hope many love it but not for me.
(shame because i wanted to love it when i first seen it.)

BlackTar1871142d ago

Scalebound looks good but it is less then i expected. Platinum makes great games so i have little doubt. That said i was watching Scalebound and i couldn't help but feel like i was watching a capcom game. Dunno why.

coreyweb1142d ago

The character is a stereotypical "japanese" rendition of what a "western" character.

But I can get past it. Looks pretty cool.

Saijahn1142d ago

I was skeptical of scalebound but after seeing gameplay wow

MCTJim1142d ago

WOW, this was not just a trailer, but actual gameplay and it looked fantastic at this stage :D

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The story is too old to be commented.