Quantum Break Release Date Revealed at Gamescom

OnlySP: Remedy Games revealed the release date for Quantum Break at Gamescom today.

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Genuine-User1144d ago (Edited 1144d ago )

The onstage demo left me wanting more. It looked fudging spectacular.

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Magicite1144d ago

I like the idea that games main hero is a real person, I mean actor.

Ron_Danger1144d ago

April 5th if you guys don't want to load a whole web page just for that.

ninsigma1144d ago

Aawww man that's ages away!! Was hoping it would be sooner!

freshslicepizza1144d ago

looks like microsoft is finally spreading big titles around which is a good idea. the game looks a lot better than when i first saw it.

DillyDilly1144d ago

Impressive list of actors for the game

Godmars2901144d ago

Why did it come off as something they've been keeping secret? All the footage they've been showing was only a placeholder.

Magicite1144d ago

Certainly an AAA game with high budget.

Dread1144d ago

That was sweet!!!!!!!

if the gameplay works as smoothly as it looks this will be a serious AAA title.

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The story is too old to be commented.