10 Reasons Why Vanilla World Of Warcraft Players Don’t Play The Game Today

IM PLAYIN discuss the turn offs of the current World of Warcraft for Vanilla players.

"As our favourite titles grow and so do we, we must often look back and wonder what it was that originally convinced us to invest in these supposed gems among the vast market of games in the first place. The most precious gem of many collections, World of Warcraft, has grown well beyond its means in an attempt to stay “fresh” and appeal to audiences both new and old; however, these pandering attempts are actually the very cause of myself and many other players having cancelled our subscriptions."

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Maxor1107d ago

Theme park MMOs tend to run their course and die. Such is the nature of theme parks. Thats why sanbox and survival MMOs are the future.

Perjoss1107d ago

The large scale open world pvp fights we used to get in vanilla were a rush, i was quite sad when they started to discourage it rather than build upon the thing that fans were enjoying.

Mikeyy1107d ago

remember when dishonorable kills where a thing :(

I remember the Beta for vanilla wow. I remember crossing the ocean for the first time to ratchet, then making my way to the war effort. Which was the 24/7 siege of the Crossroads.

Perjoss1107d ago

The horde attacks on menethil harbour felt quite menacing and brutal, back before battlegrounds were a thing. There was no honour or xp, people would simply fight for hours because if you were alliance the horde was your enemy and you just wanted to wage war with them.