Shane Kim: Microsoft feels 'bad' about MMO failings

Shane Kim, former Microsoft Game Studios guru and recently appointed VP of the Microsoft Interactive Entertainment Business, recently spoke to EDGE magazine on his company's failed attempts at massively multiplayer online games. Specifically, MS canceled Marvel Universe Online earlier this year. Way back on the original Xbox, True Fantasy Live Online, once thought to be the original Xbox's savior in Japan, was also canceled. On Microsoft's trouble with MMOs, Kim said, "I'll admit MGS has not had success in the MMO space," also noting, "We haven't been able to crack the code." Kim says that he believes MS "made the right decision" in canceling Marvel Universe Online but adds that "there's nothing to say those titles can't be successful on 360."

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Mr PS33669d ago (Edited 3669d ago )

When your limit is 5vs5 on Gears 2

MMO should be a swearword on the 360

How the Hell are you gonna compete with the PS3
One word

Xi3669d ago

who's ruined more great MMO's then i can name.