Until Dawn decisions will mould characters' personalities

Supermassive Games has announced that teen-horror title Until Dawn will allow players to mould the personality of each of its eight characters via the decisions they make throughout its terrifying campaign.

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TwoForce1050d ago

Now that's cool and scary. Because it can make you feel care and scare for these characters.

gangsta_red1050d ago

Sounds way too ambitious if you ask me. Sounds like a lot of scripted moments that make it seem personalities are "molded". Will have to still check this out but through Gamefly.

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KUV19771050d ago

I agree that it sounds like marketing-talk. It's just not feasible to have too many character-deviations and the resulting character-interactions. The voicework alone would be an insurmountable Task.There may be a few variations in key Areas but I doubt that characters and their interactions will feel very different between playthroughs.

I have preordered it and am still looking forward to it but I think the expectations should be realistic. I'd be more than happy if they proved me wrong but I doubt it.

gangsta_red1050d ago

Exactly what I was thinking. It's the same thing in line with other statements like Fallout 3 has over 100 hundred endings or anything else that is sort of kind of true but made bigger by marketing speech.

We may see the story take different turns depending on actions but I doubt that will equal to actually having the characters personalities being molded as Supermassive Games is stating here. It is definitely PR speak.

Thatguy-3101050d ago

Well from the looks of it when watching the preview videos it shows how relationships are built between the characters depending on how you respond to them in scenes.

TricksterArrow1050d ago (Edited 1050d ago )

The previews already stated that the dialogues change considerably based on actions and relationship. You know... People who played the game.

Thatguy-3101050d ago

Preview videos have shown how this works so don't understand how it's scripted? The different choices you make between the characters will build their relationship and change the story.

gangsta_red1050d ago

I understand this, but will the choices you make truly mold these characters personalities or is it nothing more than button choices you make to change the scripted events of the game determining the outcome?

Something tells me they used a fancier more PR type of way to describe the latter.

1nsomniac1050d ago

Sounds exactly like the usual PR guff we get before a games release...

Christopher1050d ago

Sounds like SIMS level management to me combined with their story. They have shown videos of characters with vastly different stats. I don't know how much what affects what, but there is at least some element of gaming involved, and that's better than just 100% straight scripted moments, IMHO.

I guess we'll find out how much it affects the characters when it's released and people have a chance to play through the different scenarios a few times.

gangsta_red1050d ago

"...the big screen by masterpieces like the Scream series, The Shining and even The Cabin in the Woods..."

Did they seriously put The Shining in with the Scream series and Cabin in the Woods. This article should fail just for that alone.

maniacmayhem1050d ago

Yea, I did a double take at that one too. This game is suppose to be in line with teenage b-movie horror flicks of the 80's.

The Shining is nothing like that at all.

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Transporter471050d ago (Edited 1050d ago )

That's freaking awesome! This is going to add tons of replay ability.

Imalwaysright1050d ago

This game has me intrigued. I'm already saving up for MGS and the holiday releases but when I'm done with them I'll definetely check this game out.

Becuzisaid1050d ago

Hoping this game is as good as heavy rain, but less bloated.

georgenancy1050d ago

heavy rain's first hour or 2 was so damn slow and cringe worthy but good game overall.Lets hope this gets good reviews

OB1Biker1050d ago

I couldnt care less about reviews tbh.
As long as I like the game and it does look like it could be great.

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