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COG writes: We spend some time digging into the world of Rare and 30 of their games that they have seen fit to include in one collection. We have to say our thoughts our mixed given some of the issues we ran into and how some of these games have and have not stood the test of time.

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shadowT931d ago (Edited 931d ago )

First review which highlights the technical issues, the frame rate problems. I am wondering what went wrong at other gaming sites reviews.

theRell931d ago

IGN highlighted the 360 games running worse than the originals.

Digital_Anomaly931d ago

And still gave it a 9? Highlighted it but apparently it doesn't matter?

3-4-5931d ago

* I wish they would also give a "would be " score next to it.

Like, if they were rating it on the games and not the issues that are new.

These games originally didn't have these issues so to me it's not fair to rate them on stuff that Microsoft did to make them not work as well yet...

It should be an ongoing review.

How does Banjo 1&2 work ?

CuHnadian931d ago

Banjo Kazooie and Banjo Tooie are two of the games that are 360 versions running off of the Xbox One emulator. It runs well and plays more or less, just like the original N64 games.

GrapesOfRaf931d ago

Really disappointed that Jet Force Gemini has issues. One of the few games I wanted to play from this collection. I think it's a cool idea, but I would have been much happier if they picked 15 games and did a better job across all of them.

Digital_Anomaly931d ago

I'm a Rare fan through and through but it's nice to see someone looked at this game without their fanboy goggles on. As great of a legacy they have you cant just ignore the flaws present. Seems like everyone bought tickets to the love in and were too afraid to stand out from the crowd.

MRBIGCAT931d ago

Nice to finally see a review for this game which doesn't give the game a pass for technical issues which make 2 of the games unplayable.

StrayaKNT931d ago

Game is a 10/10 and I'm only playing through conker lol what a clickbait review

Digital_Anomaly931d ago

Comment: Check
Actually Reading the Review for Context: DID NOT COMPLETE

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