Jump Review on Oculus Rift | The Rift Arcade

Heights. It’s the stuff of nightmares for most, the idea of standing on a ledge and looking down into a vast chasm of space; or jumping from one building to another with only gravity and your wits to save you. That’s what JUMP is all about, a first-person platformer that tasks you with climbing skyscrappers to reach a target goal that’s impossibly high.

Created by Endeavor One Inc, a band of former Halo and Destiny developers, JUMP includes five vast cities for players to navigate. They’re roughly based upon Philadelphia, Detroit, Seattle, New York City and Tokyo, each with a recognizable building that you need to scale. New York for example tasks you with leaping to the top of the new One World Trade Center, while Seattle sees you climbing the Space Needle. It’s simple on paper, but once in-game really messes with your senses.

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