The hardest part of remastering Gear of War? Getting the multiplayer to 60fps


"Obviously, everyone's very excited about playing Gears Of War again and the studio behind it, The Coalition, has been putting the hours in for the Xbox One remaster. Talking to GamesRadar, studio head Rod Fergusson has told us about the work involved: "replacing the art assets, redoing the cinematics, and all the foley and sound effects? There’s so much changed that it doesn’t feel like we’re just re-releasing it. It doesn’t feel like that at all. It feels like we’re shipping a new game"."

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0to1001075d ago (Edited 1075d ago )

the multiplayer is ugly, cartoony, and missing the great effects from the original gow1.

no motion blur, no dark gritty look, awful texture choices.

the original still looks better, even the effects are better. i'm a true gears fan from day 1 but this remaster is just awful.

1080p 60fps doesn't always mean it's better.

ninjahunter1075d ago

Exciting stuff, GOW is probably my favorite console series, will be nice to play it on my pc.