Life is Strange: Episode 4 - The Dark Room Review – And You Thought It Couldn’t Get Any Better | COG

COG writes: With Episode 3's ending shocking so many fans, we dig into the next episode of this 5 episode game and walk away "stunned" at how good this game is getting and how this latest episode just continues to prove that point.

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GrapesOfRaf1079d ago

I thought I'd get bored with all of these episodic content games but I'm constantly impressed. Waiting for all of Life Is Strange to come out so I can play it all at once, so I'm happy to hear that the quality doesn't dip.

Digital_Anomaly1079d ago

Life is Strange is one of the best of them. You'll definitely enjoy it!

MRBIGCAT1079d ago

I really need to give this game a spin. Sounds very telltale-ish.

iceman061079d ago

It is, in a sense, but it adds a pretty interesting "rewind" feature that makes you think a bit about how to get the story the way you think it should. Plus, the story is pretty...well...strange!!! LOL If you like Telltale games or Quantic Dreams games, this is right up your alley for sure.

MzDino1079d ago

Perfectly said! I loved Heavy Rain and also The Wolf Among Us, and Life is Strange just may be my fav out of all of them!

MercilessDMercer1079d ago

I'm looking forward to when these get released in a neat little package so I can play them binge style

Cdn_Seahawks_Fan1079d ago

I hate to say it but with my backlog and all the holiday games coming this fall this will have to wait but it is something I think I need and will pick up eventually.