'Red Ash' Kickstarter fail: 5 lessons to learn from its mistakes

Considering Inafune's past success with the "Mighty No. 9" Kickstarter and the loud fan outcry for "Mega Man Legends 3" to begin development again, accumulating $800,000 and more for "Red Ash" should have been a sure thing. Unfortunately, the "Red Ash" Kickstarter was plagued with poor management from day one.

If the "Red Ash" Kickstarter was significant in one aspect, it would be to act as a lesson to first time or returning Kickstarter creators on how not to run a crowdfund campaign.

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Nonscpo1083d ago

"Lesson 4: Don't ask for more money when project is funded by mysterious backer"

"Lesson 5: Release your first Kickstarter project, before starting another one"

...nough said!