Afro Samurai Bloodpath Gameplay

A video of Afro Samurai gameplay that will be coming out for the PS3 and 360.

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kingOVsticks3704d ago

I loved the anime so i'll probably give this game a try in....2009!!!!
ummm yeah it better come out in January other wise its going to be murdered by Kratos 0.o. But damn hearing RZA in the background while hacking and slashing is pretty badass.

belal3703d ago

this game will bee sooooooooo fun!!!!!

hope that it dosent come in february or march becuse it will then face killzone 2 and gow 3.

okcomputer3703d ago

Is gow3 confirmed for feb or march of 09? If so thats news to me

The Mikester3703d ago

This game looks like so much fun. The violence is great and the game kick a**. I can't wait for Afro Samurai to come out.