11 Most Anticipated Games of August 2015

MenStuff: "August is here! And as we head into the depths of the second half of the year, there is a diverse wealth of games to deliver a variety of different experiences – everything from adventure to horror."

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brokenbracket1080d ago

LOL, Madden. I loved the last Madden, honestly. But I always wait two or three years before buying another iteration, because they always seem to be a few aesthetic changes away from their predecessor. Two or three years gives the franchise time to breathe new life into it and it always feels newer that way. Heck, I've already got the majority of 2015-2016's roster on Madden 15, so that'll do for now.

JimmyP1074d ago

Most annual sports games are becoming a bit tedious to buy every year. Excited for the rugby games coming our way this year though. In need of a decent one!