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Submitted by Xandet 2755d ago | video

Resident Evil 4 vs. Resident Evil 5 vid showcases scary similarities

Joystiq writes (about GameTrailers uservid): "We'd like to share the game comparison video one person dared to create. One person who goes by the nom de keyboard of "WiiSixty" on GameTrailers, which is fitting since they've created a short subject film pitting Resident Evil 4 for Wii against Resident Evil 5 for 360.

The video runs on a bit, but it nevertheless does a solid job of comparing everything from weapon reload animations to door opening animations (helpfully shown above) to the way enemies react when shot. We'll give you one guess which game's prettier overall, but we think the gameplay similarities between the two might surprise you. Well, maybe they won't, since we've already talked about just how much won't be changing from RE4 to RE5." (GameCube, PS2, PS3, Resident Evil 4, Resident Evil 5, Wii, Xbox 360)

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Winter47th  +   2755d ago
They'd better work on those death animations, just implement ragdolls.
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El_Colombiano  +   2755d ago
No no no! I hate rag doll! Its so fake looking. Implement Euphoria!
Tmac  +   2755d ago
LOL WHAT Euphoria didn't even do what it was suppose to lmfao.
bozobucketeer  +   2755d ago
Euphoria engine is the same as ragdoll except characters can grab onto near by stuff as they go flying.
pwnsause  +   2755d ago
not saying that this game is bad, i am highly anticipating RE5's release, cant wait to get the game, but seriously, Gametrailers went bonkes for a game that plays just like it predecessor? I wtf thats not game of the show material.
Smacktard  +   2755d ago
Wow, they look exactly the same? Yeah, I noticed this when I first saw it, at E3. They look identical. Well, I imagine it will eventually be coming to the Wii.
Xandet  +   2755d ago
I can live with identical animations..
but censoring the chainsaw decapitations!? This they cannot do.
ChickeyCantor  +   2754d ago
Thats for JAPAN.
Japanese version are always cencored.
Homicide  +   2755d ago
Resident Evil 5 looks better. This is not even debatable. Look at the textures, the extra details, and the huge amount of people in RE5. And to think this video is in SD. Imagine if it was in HD! The HD video would clearly show that the Wii is nowhere close to the PS360. It's just some video created by some sad wii boy.
Nevers  +   2755d ago
I think the point
is that the GAMEPLAY and MECHANICS seem to be exactly the same. Not the textures, amount of AI, and what-not that you mentioned.

I totally agree RE5 looks amazing but after watching the vid I'd have to also say that it really looks like Capcom basically put a new set of paint on an old door frame... IMHO.
SixTwoTwo  +   2755d ago
"Capcom basically put a new set of paint on an old door frame"
I'm glad I'm not the only who thinks this. Atleast its an awesome door frame though.
Panthers  +   2755d ago
Were not talking about graphics chief. LOL.

Of course RE5 looks better. RE4 was last gen.
Nevers  +   2755d ago
Very, very, very, very, very, pretty, pretty, paint LOL
Homicide  +   2755d ago
Look at the physics. The physics! It's next gen. Why do you think Disgaea 3 is done on the PS3 and not the PS2? The physics! It's a bung comparison I tell ya.
Wolf873  +   2755d ago
It really looks like an updated version of RE4.
I hope there's more to it than that. I like the co-op play though.
maggotmx  +   2755d ago
hey man if it aint broke don fix it. RE4 was amazing so adding graphics n some destructible environments AND coop is a plus adding to a great game
Product  +   2755d ago
Wow after seeing this(i had already thought)its kinda sad to think that RE5 is just better graphics with a different setting.Almost makes me not want to check it out.
Great graphics or not we have already been down this road.
rjguess  +   2755d ago
the same?
You call more enemies and co op gameplay, online co op, way better graphics, the same. Only thing I see the same is the gameplay. Reason why capcom did that is because so many gamers like this type of gameplay. Thats the only thing I see the same. I like it. If you are a true re fan that little stuff should not bother you and you should get the game. I'ts going to be great. Don't worry.
DA_SHREDDER  +   2755d ago
All this game does more than RE4 is better graphics and online, which is good, but I expected some kinda innovating gameplay. I still dont understand why you can strafe and shoot at the same time. Every other game has evolved, and Resident Evil is not better than any other formula to have not done the same.
Silogon  +   2755d ago
This game, as I suspected, looks and plays and feels just like RE4 and that's lame. Typical of Capcom with their many iterations, dressed under different names, though.

Street fighter super duper xcaliber hyper omega alpha blazing ball buster 2!!
iamtehpwn  +   2755d ago
Not Bad on RE4's part
The video Recording for it was kind of poor, when I see it running on the television everything looks way better than that, however, you gotta Admit, RE4 has held up Really well, Considering that is a game that pushed Gamecube to the limit.

Wii having double gamecube's power, I wonder how far they could push it if they used it.
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smurfie4  +   2755d ago
You have to admit that it plays like an hd version of RE4. They recycled the death animations, and even the weapon sounds. Im still most likely going to get it considering I liked RE4 but not much has changed.
Silogon  +   2755d ago
Capcom, Take Two, Rock Star, THQ and many others are why I support Sony's 1st party developers so much.
u got owned  +   2755d ago
WOW, i forgot how good Resident evil 4 looked. The games look pretty much the same in the gameplay department, not that is a bad thing, i love Resident Evil 4. The only difference I see is the graphics.
etownone  +   2755d ago
agreed... I still have the Gamecube version...
but that video makes me want to play it again but on my Wii that's been collecting dust for months now.
Dark General  +   2755d ago
Finally some one had the balls to do this. I always said that Res5 looked like Res4 with a new coat of paint (gameplay wise) and i always got quite a bit of disagree's. But this footage shows you exactly what i was talking about. Faster enemies and co-op in my opinion doesn't help Res5 separate itself enough from Res4.
etownone  +   2755d ago
"Faster enemies and co-op in my opinion doesn't help Res5 separate itself enough from Res4."

RE4 won many many 2004 GOTY awards... so they add faster enemies, CO-OP!, and obviously better graphics in true HD and your still not satisfied?

would you rather they took a radical approach and make enough changes so it "separates itself from Re4" and take the chance of ruining the sequal to an otherwise perfect game?!
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Dark General  +   2755d ago
Graphics doesn't matter to me gameplay does. When i see that the villagers have the same weapons and death animations is the EXACT SAME as the last game that came out some 4 years ago that's a little jarring to me. The game wasn't perfect (no game is) sure there is a few tweaks here and there like being able to switch between two guns but the game looks almost the exact same as the last iteration. The context sensitive movements through the environment and enemy finishers (ie: bodyslams and punches) is basically the same like the last game. To me there haven't been enough tweaks made or extra updated things they have shown so far for Res5.

Yes Res4 was a good game (I own it and beat it twice) but Res5 to me almost looks exactly the same. I spent 50 bones on Res4 and was satisfied spending 60 smackers for Res5 which to me looks like a spot on copy of Res4 to me is not enough to warrant my purchase. I brought DMC4 since i loved DMC3 so much and DMC4 was almost the exact same as DMC3. Sure there was a new storyline (that wasn't THAT intriguing) and there was a few new moves added and the devil bringer for Nero. But the overwelming majority of the game (90 percent) felt just like DMC3 and i felt cheated since it felt too similar to DMC3. It's a sequel and it's supposed to feel more refined and fresh not exactly the same as the previous sequel.
Rubberlegs  +   2755d ago
It really doesn't bother me at all that it uses the same camera and aiming system. But they do need to update the movement when your in aim mode, you should be able to strafe and walk backwards. Not sure if thats gonna be in RE5 but from the gameplay vids it doesn't look like it. Other then that I think the game looks fine, its not like your gonna have a whole new style of game since they already did that with RE4. The animations looks fine, I'd rather have hit detection that the characters react to instead of some type of rag doll effects.
strotee  +   2755d ago
Hmmph, after watching these videos, I think a name change is in store.

Resident Evil 5 is now called Resident Evil 4.10.
Voozi  +   2755d ago
Idk about you guys but after watching this, made me even more hyped for RE5 lol
monkey602  +   2755d ago
RE4 is one of my favourite games ever, I'm glad they kept the same formula. It's too soon to try and re-invent the series again
dolomite  +   2755d ago
Yep, after watching this, I can definately see RE5 comming to the Wii. I mean RE5 looks great and all, but so does RE4. RE5 looks basically like higher-res version of RE4, but animations and gameplay mechanics are virtually identical.

Not quite as excited as I was before with RE5. If it happens to come out on the Wii also, I'll more than likely just get that version...
Nintengoth  +   2755d ago
i have to agree with dolomite,
this game is 90% the same as RE4 only thing thats updated is the graphic power obviously. this game had better come to Wii as it would be a million times better with the Wiis controls.
matey  +   2755d ago
all developers are doing is downgrading the wii,s graphical power so the games dont look to close to 360/ps3 because if people saw the wii,s graphics how they should be then coupled with the next-gen controls it would be even harder to sell 360/ps3 because thats all they have good graphics last gen controls i really think devs are being cruel to nintendo not making game engines built from ground up to take advantage of wii hardware like high voltage,factor 5,take alone in the dark devs said wii cant do the fire look at call of duty 5 that does it better than the ps3/360 does in alone in the dark,they talk rubbish if ur not going to push to do something dont go saying it cant do it thats stupid,bring on 2009 monster hunter online,conduit online,madworld,fatal frame,sadness,red steel 2,disaster,dead rising,ect oh dead rising out in 2008,anyway it wont last for ever and im not being persuaded to buy 360/ps3 last gen controls never i stopped playing games consoles due to joypads on fps games just doesnt work and devs pour millions into fps 360 games makes me sick devs should get over it and move there resources to wii make more mature games with next gen controls thats all i want i can see them coming but they should have already been here but hey
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matey  +   2755d ago
oh we have seen that 360 graphics are achievable on wii look at conduit early as it is in development and people were stopping to ask what 360 game is that thats enough said the controls on that game are amazing,plus wii speak,online 16 players,fully customized weopons this is something only achievable on wii and monster hunter 3 dev said that this game needs high end graphics chip to run the game and that they wouldnt make the game on wii if this wasnt possible so i think we have nothing to worry about capcom recently said the game is looking amazing,some guy said he got shown some art of the game that was awesome and 10 mins later shown him it in the game in real time,oh nintendo said that capcom are working on loads of special games for wii besides MH3 capcom no that the wii is winning the war there prepared now trust me TGS 2008 you will see some goodness
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lewis  +   2754d ago
tsk tsk tsk tsk....

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