Resident Evil 4 vs. Resident Evil 5 vid showcases scary similarities

Joystiq writes (about GameTrailers uservid): "We'd like to share the game comparison video one person dared to create. One person who goes by the nom de keyboard of "WiiSixty" on GameTrailers, which is fitting since they've created a short subject film pitting Resident Evil 4 for Wii against Resident Evil 5 for 360.

The video runs on a bit, but it nevertheless does a solid job of comparing everything from weapon reload animations to door opening animations (helpfully shown above) to the way enemies react when shot. We'll give you one guess which game's prettier overall, but we think the gameplay similarities between the two might surprise you. Well, maybe they won't, since we've already talked about just how much won't be changing from RE4 to RE5."

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Winter47th3522d ago (Edited 3522d ago )

They'd better work on those death animations, just implement ragdolls.

El_Colombiano3522d ago

No no no! I hate rag doll! Its so fake looking. Implement Euphoria!

Tmac3522d ago

LOL WHAT Euphoria didn't even do what it was suppose to lmfao.

bozobucketeer3522d ago

Euphoria engine is the same as ragdoll except characters can grab onto near by stuff as they go flying.

pwnsause3522d ago

not saying that this game is bad, i am highly anticipating RE5's release, cant wait to get the game, but seriously, Gametrailers went bonkes for a game that plays just like it predecessor? I wtf thats not game of the show material.

Smacktard3522d ago

Wow, they look exactly the same? Yeah, I noticed this when I first saw it, at E3. They look identical. Well, I imagine it will eventually be coming to the Wii.

Xandet3522d ago

but censoring the chainsaw decapitations!? This they cannot do.

ChickeyCantor3521d ago

Thats for JAPAN.
Japanese version are always cencored.

Homicide3522d ago

Resident Evil 5 looks better. This is not even debatable. Look at the textures, the extra details, and the huge amount of people in RE5. And to think this video is in SD. Imagine if it was in HD! The HD video would clearly show that the Wii is nowhere close to the PS360. It's just some video created by some sad wii boy.

Nevers3522d ago

is that the GAMEPLAY and MECHANICS seem to be exactly the same. Not the textures, amount of AI, and what-not that you mentioned.

I totally agree RE5 looks amazing but after watching the vid I'd have to also say that it really looks like Capcom basically put a new set of paint on an old door frame... IMHO.

SixTwoTwo3522d ago

I'm glad I'm not the only who thinks this. Atleast its an awesome door frame though.

Panthers3522d ago

Were not talking about graphics chief. LOL.

Of course RE5 looks better. RE4 was last gen.

Nevers3522d ago

Very, very, very, very, very, pretty, pretty, paint LOL

Homicide3522d ago

Look at the physics. The physics! It's next gen. Why do you think Disgaea 3 is done on the PS3 and not the PS2? The physics! It's a bung comparison I tell ya.

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