Which of this weeks Xbox Live Deals With Gold bargains should you pick up? - 4th August 2015

Neil writes "After a disappointing couple of weeks on the Xbox Live Deals With Gold front, the latest sale is now in place. Surely it’s got to be a bit better than the last few weeks? Join us as we take a look through the best and worst deals in place for 4th-10th August 2015."

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BigGamersSmallTalk1112d ago

Some great deals! I'll be too busy on Rare Replay for the foreseeable future though. Nice to see so many digital discounts from Microsoft week to week.

MSBAUSTX1112d ago

Agreed! Rate Replay and Gears Remaster will keep me hell a busy. Then mario Make for a little retro good times. After that the Holidays will be here and i will be buying so much I may haveto start working nights.

hades071111d ago

Good discounts but if you own an xbox one I would just pay for a year of EA Access instead of buying one game. You get them for free plus Titanfall, Plants Vs Zombies, BF 4 and more.