Gears of War Xbox One Backwards Compatibility Demo

A video which shows off the Gears of War game running on the Xbox One console using the backwards compatibility feature.

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GusBricker1024d ago

Just played it and man when that first emergence hole opened and all shit broke loose, my love of Gears rekindled hard. So awesome.

vikingland11024d ago (Edited 1024d ago )

Looks like BC is working good to me.

beans1024d ago

BC is Awesome and talk about flash backs. The games had this dark and alone feeling so I'm hoping this is felt even on a deeper scale in part 4. One thing that's messed up is the fact that control couldn't give them a heads up on what's out there until Marcus called it in. Lol

SIMOIKIE1024d ago

I played it all night last night with bc on xb1 ran smooth with minor hiccups better than 360 for me. Was playing and able to chat with 360 ppl with minimal problems as well... only hiccup was parties for 360 are not working they have bad voice lag. Other than that tho I had a blast and my 360 will now be back to collecting dust.

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