Hitman preview: can IO recapture the glory of Blood Money?

"This is Hitman the way we want it to be. I have a firm idea of how this game of cold-blooded contract killing should work, and I don’t imagine it’s that different from any other fan’s. Stealth sandboxes with seemingly unlimited options for experimentation on the way to taking out Agent 47’s target. Done. As part of my demo of the new game, IO interactive switch the freecam on and fly me over the Parisian palace where it’s set. The place is densely packed with detail. I’m certain there’s no way to see it all in one playthrough. "

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bixxel1143d ago

I've played the HITMAN Alpha. I can confirm that it has already surpassed Blood Money even in this Alpha state.

scark921142d ago

Awesome! Thanks for sharing!

bixxel1142d ago (Edited 1142d ago )

If you have any questions regarding the Alpha version how it plays etc, feel free to PM me...^

bixxel1142d ago

If you have any wuestions regarding the Alpha version how it plays etc, feel free to PM me..

TeamLeaptrade1142d ago

I really hope it's true. Bring me back to the old days of Hitman, when it was special. I still enjoyed absolution, but I realized it was too much of a change and didn't work right.