Microsoft Fans in Line Since 1 AM for Gamescom Xbox Fanfest, Greeted by Phil Spencer and Team

Fans lined up early for the Xbox fanfest at E3, and history is repeating at Gamescom, where Microsoft is organizing a similar fan event.

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DarkOcelet992d ago

Cool, I can't wait to see Quantum Break.

Microsoft has a great chance to make a good impression here. Let's hope they make it right.

bouzebbal991d ago

hold on! is there a conference today? Is Gamescom starting this week?

Elit3Nick991d ago

MS's conference starts in 40 minutes I believe

Naga991d ago

I thought I saw someone under that rock over there. Welcome back :)

TheGreatGamer992d ago

The fan interaction from the Xbox team is amazing, they really do go above and beyond for Xbox fans

freshslicepizza991d ago

i was about to say the same thing. they are out there in the rain with the fans. you don't really see that type of interaction.

DJustinUNCHAIND991d ago


The PSN Support Twitter account doesn't count.

donthate991d ago

If you pay attention, MS is everywhere to support their fans.

Xbox Support is on reddit, both on r/xboxsupport and at r/xboxone that I have personally seen. They are also trying to fix problems and respond to fans on twitter and facebook.

I have been very impressed with MS direct to customer relationship.

christocolus992d ago


2hrs to the briefing. Scalebound, QB and Crackdown. here i come.

Volkama992d ago

If the email that sent round is accurate, we can also expect to "see what other awesome games Xbox has to announce in Cologne".

OK Microsoft, don't mind if I do.

christocolus991d ago

I hope we get more announcements but i keep reading comments here saying there won't be any major surprise announcments. I hope they are all wrong though cos i wanna be blown away but if all they show is SB, CD, QB and new demos of Halo 5 and TR then I think it'll be great too.

Volkama991d ago (Edited 991d ago )

I just want to see if Crackdown delivers anything like the cloud-based physics tech they showcased ages ago. It's make-or-break time for all those cloud promises.

I'll check out Quantum Break and Scalebound, and any new announcements... but the Crackdown demo is a defining moment for the Xbox One imo, one way or the other.

LexHazard79991d ago

I agree I want to see the cloud base crackdown. but most already think the cloud is hog wash. If it does indeed work it will be awesome. If not youll get the i told you so articles.

Kalebninja991d ago

Really excited to see what they have to show, mostly looking forward to QB and Scalebound.

OT: I'm loving how companies have been spreading out game presentations across the year now. We always have something to look forward to after one event is done. After this is d23,Tokyo game show,PSX, and hopefully the game awards returns again.

BigGamersSmallTalk991d ago

I love the direction Phil Spencer and company are making. The fan interaction, the values, the updates. They really make you feel special and part of something. I know it sounds cheesy, but it's cool having people like Phil Spencer, Aaron Greenberg, Mike Ybarra, Major Nelson follow you on Twitter and actually interact with you.

Not to mention the games, games, games, games approach and Phil s commitment to first party exclusives instead of timed DLC or third party timed deals.

JeffGUNZ991d ago

He is really taking the Xbox brand back to OG times and just building on that. No more gimmicks or anything like that, just games, games, games, updates, deals, and games. You have to appreciate his desire to steer the ship where it needs to go. He is also a really personable guy and someone who you can relate to as a gamer. MS did a fantastic job of putting Phil in this position.

iceman06991d ago

I can fully appreciate anybody that can turn that ship around. He pretty much got in touch with the pulse of gamers is. It's not visionary by any's more of a simplistic approach. In fact, it really reminds me of the old school approach that record labels had in the mid 80's and 90's...street teams, free concerts, random events/turn ups, etc. The focus was on pushing the product (i.e., music, games, etc.). That seems to be the NEW MS least from what I can see. Push what gamers! That's what matters anyway. The games sell the hardware (or at least the promise of games) and services...not the other way around (which seemed to be the approach before Phil).

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