Candy Crush Saga is Britain’s most popular video game

It's official: Britain's favourite video game is Candy Crush Saga, even beating out hot favourites such as Grand Theft Auto, Fifa, and the Sims. Congratulations, King!

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3-4-51147d ago

Ewww Gross, Britain, what happened to you ?

Your better than this.

Kurt Russell1147d ago

Great game, my favourite part is the bit with the pear drops.

SaveFerris1147d ago

The same people that voted for Candy Crush most likely watch reality tv shows and read gossip mags. /s

Tomb Raider tied with Super Mario. Interesting.

MegaRay1147d ago

Can you even call it "video game"?

lemoncake1147d ago

Very surprising, I would have expected clash of clans to be above candy crush but it's not even there.

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