Konami Releases Japanese Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain Commercial

Konami has released a rather strange but interesting Japanese commercial for Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain.

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bunt-custardly1145d ago

If you don't get this then it's about being the better man.

Giving up your seat on the train for ladies.

Helping stray dogs


Big Boss is the better man.

VER1ON1145d ago

I think you're right. Typical Japanese:)

Septic1145d ago

I still have no idea whats going on lol.

bunt-custardly1145d ago

Big Boss is an inspirational character as seen in the first clip where he aids Miller. A helping hand, a better man.

First scene- guy gives up seat for lady on train.

second scene - Guy gives up space on lift for baby

third scene - guy with big hat lowers self so person behind can see in cinema.

Forth scene - don't eat the last big piece of food take the small piece.

Fifth scene - take the burnt food offer the nice one to your guest/partner whoever you share meal with.

Not sure on scene six - something about donations/charity/good causes

Scene seven offer to take pics for others.

Etc etc.

You get the point.

Clover9041145d ago

That was so cool. Well done. Cannot wait for the game to finally drop! We're so close now :)

I just hope most players will be 'the better man' and spare my Mother Base. I'm not going to focus on defensive turrets or anything. I'm making it a zoo. My Mother Base defense will be the random wolves running around, lol.

vanity291145d ago

Boss: "when the time comes, I'll be the one to do it." what a manly man.

Batzi1145d ago

Big Boss: "When the time comes, I'll pull the trigger".

vanity291145d ago

I didnt catch anything about triggers when he talked. Sounds dope if thats the actual translation lmao

RedDeadLB1145d ago (Edited 1145d ago )

Wouldn't have worked in the commercial then though.

theshredded1145d ago

clever and weird commercial but the music was jarring

UNKLE1145d ago

Big boss: When the time comes konami will rule me...

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