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Rocket League has been a revelation and a whole lot of fun, I decided to get stuck in and review it. I approached Rocket League with an open mind, having never played it’s 2008 predecessor. And what I found, was a completely new and fresh experience.

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RpgSama1144d ago

77/100 For one of the most fun and well reviewed games in recent history??

but wait! It was submited by Will_GameThrasher, and the site is called, now it makes perfect sense, carry on.

TLG19911144d ago

nearly an 8/10, i dont see why you have a problem with that?

Will_GameThrasher1144d ago

It's a good score for a good game.

ChronoJoe1144d ago

It's good but one of your main criticisms are the servers. I cannot even remember the last time the matchmaking has let me down. Everything is very smooth, and you fail to appropriately credit it for features it offers that better other games.

Cross play and transparency in matchmaking and connecting to other plays is a big deal. Any game that displays my ping in miliseconds gets bonus points from me, and obviously keeping the entire community interconnected, able to play with one another is really remarkable, a brilliant feature.

So in that respect I think you are overly critical where you need not be, and undervalue certain components of the game. Of course, it's your opinion but these reviews are based upon a games objective qualities and there are certain of these qualities that you selectively neglected to cover appropriately with your opinion.

No offense intended of course, just my thoughts on the review. You could probably read my reviews and criticize them too (I own

Will_GameThrasher1144d ago

ChronoJoe, the review was written whilst the servers were unstable. I appreciate your criticism though, thank you.

3-4-51144d ago (Edited 1144d ago )

77/100 is a good solid score.

I wish these little kids online would understand this.

A lot of our Favorite games from the 90's and early 2000's were only 77/100 or less.....

They were still good games though.

The_KELRaTH1144d ago

It is a good game but whilst the original game had pretty much the same features it did have much more interesting stadiums rather than the uniform football layout.

reading the review it would seem the lack of interesting stadiums is intentional so as to flog some DLC

Darkwatchman1144d ago

No? Because all future stadiums are being released for free

Simco8761144d ago

They won't release paid stadium DLC because that would split the community, something they expressed they never want to do.

nowitzki20041144d ago

I would pay for a SP MANU stadium, and emblem.

The_KELRaTH1144d ago

I wasnt aware the future dlc was going to be - good news, but Im still a little dissapointed that theres not more interesting stadiums in with the main game.